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KGP Estrella.

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Today have made Nebezyzvestnyy from Cow Disease and set chip.
When did vaccinated, then Esta so ploughshares, that I slightly not deaf.
Then doctor closely on it looked and decided to, that we with it Terrace which not to address antimicrobial, to chip put. Called on aid even one doctor.
With I honestly has warned, that I already is ready from of fear in celui fall. For injections of fear. In our family children on vaccinations and taking injections always Pope drove. And I even to see this could not. And here something itself come.
Here is so poor child have hemmed in two healthy Outlook and I. Vizgu was, perhaps, on the whole quarter.
But most interesting, that after vaccinations doctor began with it lovingly to speak, pochyosyvat. And my Angelin from happiness even 4000m2 as well as went while waltzed. So it doctor grassroots. Even raze not offended on him.
At all Esta I have very ringing. If it, not let-God, paw pridavyat, then physical culture so, if it paw at all has been ripped off. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_cray.gifI got each time from such a biggest need to korvalolom down.



Sister brought Hi! And we with Monday sit on quarantine,, too, were pricked,. And pro chip I as something not thought. Ah and in the other times. From Cow Disease conceal bolnyuchiy prick Terry, too, popischala. But she more kind of a grouch - churchgoers as this selection on apartment, under nose itself argues something.



Entlebukhi - at all noble actors and this is scandalous :) like defiantly for you to scream, importantly, as you on this themselves chase respond.



Юлия К. wrote:

Generally Esta I have very ringing.

Not be upset, they all such :D and perishing artistry have them in blood

Peretzz wrote:

and pro chip I as something not thought

About chipirovaniya.
Chip is obligatory, if you are planning to go abroad. And most important, chip must be put TO vaccinations from Cow Disease. Why "until"? Because chip will those identifier, which guarantees, that vaccinated it is this dog (meaning, that doctor before administer it should to believe and to verify the chip on dog and infru in vetpasporte). But this not means, that recognized immediately now need to chipirovat. Can be this do and until vaccination in six months or in year. Simply need to understand, that until not met condition "chip-vaccination from Cow Disease-30 days quarantines", you in huge likely not be allowed to enter abroad.

And still pro "go." Best in vetpasport like to paste them photo dogs, otherwise on customs has effectively can Hotel (????, very strongly Hotel)



churchgoers as this selection on apartment, under nose itself argues something

Never for estoy this not has seen. Have us increasingly loudly. Ah, have us in family, at all all grand and emotional :) So that, Esta our dog :)
And still in it several tonalities barking. When requests something, then thus measurable by ultrasonic sound bark, that I have added well, eardrums slightly not implode. At all wonder, as from such a understanding sound all glasses in House not they just shattered :) Just Dzhelsomino.

as you on this themselves chase respond

I got each time Kondratii lack :( I'm coming from all legs its to rescue and all kill.

and perishing artistry have them in blood

I this understand. But, each time biting on its your cast :)
And even she keeps managing so 28.0g build, that I still its nor never not was able to punish or yell on it. Keeps managing such 28.0g do, as Ivory in Sopagakh from which. Ah, as can be helpfulness with so was flying below the angel expression on muzzle to punish?


in vetpasport like to paste them photo dogs

statement, please, and there is any standards? In profile, full-length one, in full growth?

I only that have observed, that have esty lacks two the top of front teeth. In sight only experienced. Even she's oozing a bit. By age like this normal, only I not see there no pripukhlostey or a blip on the on new her teeth. This normally?
The rest her teeth all very densely sit. Not is wobbling.
Can, son played with it not neatly and torn? :(



Pro photo- there is no standard. I have have eldest in hotel reception in half-turn, have youngest sister-a sedentary portrait.

About teeth, not worry, emerge



Thank you.



As Estrella have grown up to, very the Beautiful literature, and far recognized already as have adult. Interesting narratives, read the umilyalis, she same child, here is and harvester, need eye yes eye. And about hysterics, so this now they verify on the tenacity you, sometimes need eyes be khlodnokrovnoy, and the they Smart all feel. Cannot be them show their experiences. Conservative elder statesmen remain defined will become will safer.



Woola, Anna, are a good evening :)

How Estrella have grown up to

More, than in two times grew :) Carina, from me 4.2 kg. Today vzvesilis - 9.3 kg
I have the vet ask:
- statement, we not obese?
- Die, a stout-looking a puppy. But very on the brink of, more than now to fatten cannot be.

Withdrew from doctor and and he's like. We not obese? We! Ah, doctor understood same pro whom ask :) Don’t became same respond: "With teddybear increasingly in order, and you, baby mama, to would not seriously impair" http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_haha.gif

very the Beautiful literature

Thanks. I its very love. The most the Beautiful and espoused doggy. Spoil I, of course, its resented. But me this in joy. She me, too, likes.
When home with work return, then such meeting suits :) My who learned highly a brother bouncing, and here is to land not learned. Getting air on that, as kangaroo court, and on back falls. So I has become teach its, to she under the form of me performed first team "sit", had download, and perishing then whizzin kissing. So safer passes, without injuries :)

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Today uring our adults were zubiki :) Yay!
Yesterday Esta threw it out-feint. Now in apartment there is no for it beyond seats. I as something this not expected. Been mulling, that all of this she get not can :( Esta has carried day with large pleasantly and has managed significantly to expand their gastronomic interests. Were eaten: Decently crude carrot and potatoes, couple tomatoes, a bit cigarette butts and-third tiles chocolate. Can and even what swallowed, yes only traces not left. In the height of the sharing in, home returned Pope and managed steal chocolate. I terribly because of this candy bars cramped. Smiled, that he dangerous for dogs. To by the evening Esta do not justify occasional it is a liquid chair. On dinner she received your activated ANK coal and only-third impede helpings feed.
I increasingly viewed it and waited, that under any sign malaise going to travel more many stomach. But not here something was. She was and funny.. Even more conventional. The entire evening on apartment was whizzing’monster. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gifSince run off the hill Styx on sofas, chairs, tables. Simultaneously was in all rooms. Entlebuch (district) on display across sharp. Or this chocolate control by redounded.
I at all not understand, where she producing all these strange things that I, I take it out from its Pernod. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/49.gifThe most worryingly, that she has become take an interest in plastic packages. Ah and per for the phone-biter.



In sis gives! This she one homes so sits productively?
And have us still dairy not experienced. And for carrot can soul sell!



This is she one homes so sits productively?

One, of course. Although she in alone little is. We late on work quit, then son with schools is returning.

Oops! Today such circus was.
Pope followed on terrace ? Este for feeds. (We there bag store, and in bank then peresypaem.) A Esta something seen its bank and let with exhilaration on the door loggia punch. And the door have us the old, with three armrests of-'s turning mechanisms. Ah and is back one the handle. Close on loggia father,. Well, that I homes was. Issued zatochentsa. And the so would and sat. With one hand Pope with a jar of feed, and with the other Esta starved http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif



Юлия К. wrote:

You close your on loggia father,

Here is this Number, well still not, baddest winter of) apparently Esta not thought: What that can to remain without food)



Morning good.
We yesterday visited puppy playground.
Came meal for. On chessboard of gulyalo two schenka: Affinity and the beagle has landed happily. Puppy Labrador - an intelligent little girl, unafraid. I like, as its is a master with it communicates. In sight, that seriously is coming to issue nourishing.
And nurture just, me not understandable. We with this puppy for and before encountered in. He older esty on month. ... a lot bigger is obtained. 's being this the beagle has landed happily my Este. And is a master getting off on from this. The entire game schenka: Cutting an and an eye. Is a master obvious aggression raze not example. Not let us with them more friends with one another. Modicum Esta my particularly not gets upset,, too, leaps once on him. But in sight, that biglyu importantly in game - take a bite out of opponent.
But on attractive opportunity with instructor they not remained. Came Puppy German sheep-dogs and Puppy dvorterera. With them and engaged in. Learned near walk, to dwell on team. On peremenkakh iineeenu each for friend, rolled. Modicum Esta and in the first time, but team is obtained fulfill quite well. And the first after recess that comes over on call. For and a half hours this walk Esta so is tired, that homes Slept without rear legs until the evening.



Teeth. Teeth.
Are four the top of and four at. And here is one floor dairy not had a chance, and u fought his way up. Succeeded the teeth in two series of. :(
I dairy touched - not tightly sits, but and shed out not intends to. And versprechend his and take out that pyosa not gives.
Got a little nervous I. Need to to the vet to go, a tooth remove. And I have tickets in theater, pity spectacle leak :(
And here is that I had:
Gave ? Este a bone and has gone in theater. And when returned - there inimical zubika. From gryzanya come loose and had a chance http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_claping.gif

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Юлия К. wrote:

models good.
And nurture just, me not understandable. We with this a puppy and before encountered in. He older esty on month. ... a lot bigger is obtained. 's being this the beagle has landed happily my Este. And is a master getting off on from this. The entire game schenka: Cutting an and to chew on. Is a master obvious aggression raze not example. Not let us with them more friends with one another. Modicum Esta my particularly not gets upset,, too, leaps once on him. But in sight, that biglyu importantly in game - take a bite out of opponent.

Give only being domestically. Here is one of the game, that lead in rapture gone to owners other dogs, so this have entlebukhov. There and growling and artistry and at all heap different utterance. And all masters in one voice "what aggressive dog" http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif. Nurse the, to Entlebuch (district) a whimper hobbled on place. I personally refused from such a nourishing. Vygulivaemsya with proven sobachnikami and in a certain time and no one not against.
Here is so here is Las

Zubki. Teeth.

Directly memories all just came flooding back, accurately so same worried for the second a series of teeth. But all as usually passed as need to and bite became not so painful for, until put not stopped quite.

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Oops, Esdec, you would saw, that happened with estoy, when I shoehorned your the commercial!
She and bark, though, and done battle with, and jumping up and down, and for father, have.
And after all not simply on breath had similar levels. She realistically HRDs for actions on monitor!
I and before for it. Even, that she interested in watching TV. "Planet Dogs" - espoused transfer of :) she said to the dogs on gavkane.
But, here! Storm of emotions!
Thank you. Was nervous the entire family. :)



Our man is growing! She you have good girl. Not tried to look for TV? And the our often, when looks films with shelties, tries to swing by for TV, watch there and have a bang on this. Then understands, that for watching TV the wall and neck in neighboring room, watch that there with the reverse of hand. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/128.gif



Don’t tried to look for TV?

Not, until such a not thought up an idea. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



Yesterday us founding 4 month.
To this just peace changed four the top of and four at tooth.
Weigh we 10.3 kg.
Growth to measure I have not broke a. Ah, lest not to remain at all without metering, measured a length tail. 28sm :)
Estah a remarkable child. The entire family his very likes.
She not delivers us special Admirals. Modicum and thief all that poorly lies, but apartment not he's been spreading the. Even to raskidannoy shoes not shows interest. It this nor to what. It full of the toys. Children say, that even have them in childhood so much toys not was :)
And even Esta quite not kusuchiy child. Us as something quickly managed explain, that bite nizyaaaaa.
Son my believes, that this his dog. After schools walk together. Precisely not Este walking, and together Parading. To example, together suspects cats and doves. I so understand, that Esta - this such a concealment to bullied. Strange would seemed so 15 year-old guy, gonyayuschiy cats and doves. And so, type, this Esta. And he simply with other hand the leash neck :)
However, friends of they.
Ah and a dog - this is even and such gadget, which attracts, two young ladies. Son and so something was the first guy on village, and now at all King. One of his classmate's tabunom provozhayut his until homes, that would with that pup play, walk :)
From bad. Daughter rarely lampooned Este in its room. There prevents girlish Dujeels, which very interested a puppy. Here is she and not lampooned. And Esta, if manages to it makes its way, then believes their debt immediately naprudit in room a puddle and prop a pile together. Perhaps, so claims rights on dwelling space.
However. We all are happy, that have us such a member of family. Ah, Perhaps all, except cats. Estah continues to pressed my grinds prepared-a cat. Koshkiny 2.5 kg against Estinykh 10.
And even I now understand, that a cat she of them now herds. Estah permits sit cat only in four certain places. And if cat these seats leaves, then Esta sofas its back. And us not permits its made there sack. Is worth take a cat on hands, as Esta frightening is outraged. Bark, leaps once, tries to steal a cat. Under this clearly points place, where cat must sit. And only when we a cat there vodruzhaem, she abating with a sense of iLand debt.
And even I is happy, that can on Forum to wage some esty. Now open first page and wonder, what same she a small was quite recently.
Here is our Estrella. Four months. Posing in.



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