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KGP Estrella.

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Юлия К. wrote:

Yesterday us founding 4 month.

Este with minidnyukhoy! :flag:

Юлия К. wrote:

That our Estrella. Four months. Posing in.




Este with minidnyukhoy

the Big thank you :)



Dobryi day.
Our family likes travel. Here is Estrella are starting on the sly hooking to visits. Until not very far and not on long.
And after trips I oftentimes the write busy briefing on tourist Forum about visited places.
If interestingly, then read, as we with Estrella traveled in Komarovo on Finnish Gulf.
http://www.otzyv.ru/read.php?id=191352& … 59#1296060


And even I have question.
With of age can be start puppy sports? Here is the dog whisperer, have which we Hypnotizes in weekends, scolded us, when saw that Esta churchgoers on boom and leaps once through of retarded statues watching that tires. Says, that cannot be us. Sooner even. Can and approximately hurt and hoisted.

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Yuliya K., is famously before. I. And produbliruyte, pzhsta, if not difficult your report to us on forum, here independent journey with dog and without

Most amusing, that we, as a in early August in St. Petersburg in Holiday, planned in Komarovo. But so and not have reached))

Юлия К. wrote:

Since of age can be start puppy sports?

Jumping and other potentially travmoopasnye things-better after year. Swim can be with childhood



travmoopasnye things-better after year

Thanks. We'll wait for. I simply has become seek information on agility (dogs). Has found, where puppies invite with five months. But not d to risk.
Report will try to duplicate. Simply very difficult I have is obtained photo put a. So long they I have are loaded on our site :( are downloaded only from the lower, ethics-wise "download photo • create forum."
Initially packing from the upper &, and then something ceases goes.



Юлия К. wrote:

Just very difficult I have is obtained photo put a.

And can be and not za on site, and inject on some, type Yandex. Photo server, and here put a exile in such a format [iмg]XXX[/iмg], where XXX is the reference on photo http :/ / (and flushed on catholic m replace)

Юлия К. wrote:

I simply has become seek information on agility (dogs)

Honestly, I would not recommended engage agility (dogs). We, too, in its time people were engaged in these guise of sport, but, unfortunately, bushiki a little heavy for him. This very travmo-dangerously. For this need a a dog with very easy skeleton and small weight.



A produbliruyte, pzhsta, if not difficult your report to us in a comprehensive dialogue between the

Is prepared :) Estrella-world traveler



Here is. Us yesterday founding five months.





Made victory ,-what measurements. Ah, as was able. Weigh 13,3 kg, span breast 53 centimeters, growth 39sm (perhaps), tail 31sm.
Is obtained for month gained three kilograms. Over already rapid growth.
Our Estrella - for us Center view of the universe :)
The most smart, the most the Beautiful, the most espoused :)

From distress and have us on this moment, this the, that Esta actively reacts on its reflection in the mirror. Have us, it turns out, a host house entlebukherov! In every mirror, in every the chamber with glass gates lives dog. And the kind such a harmful, not reacts on calls play. I perishing and the doors wardrobe movement, shown, that there there is no one. But Esta me not believes, knows that the kind khitryushka has time hide.
Estah harks back ball around the and is coming to the door that isn wardrobe. Boasts, a ball, eye's mowing, porykivaet. And have the smart-ass bother you, represent,, too, ball around the! And, too, porykivaet on Este!
Simply a fairy tale The-the Coon http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif

Today Saturday. I sleep already and through dream hear as husband returned with it with walk. Washes feet off and talks with it:
- You my good girl. Such a smart doggy. And mother you even wants to hire individual instructor. And that same this have us will? Regulation smarter me?
That such good models :)



Yuliya K., what Esta already much! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif

And our as something on mirrors attention not points out. :nope:

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Have my girlfriends on dacha lives a mixed breed husky. Here is the kind at all “I mirrors.
Sit we with girlfriend, speak. Dog about us sleeping. Suddenly dog posing. Is coming to mirror. Drive contrary him and starts themselves not. With, directly as people. Eyes clearly in a mirror look on themselves, and itself head turns the. Assesses, as with this angle, but as with this angle. And I looked at and back have legs has abated. I at all flipped out. And girlfriend says, that she so often makes. Knows, that the Beautiful, here is and enjoys time from time. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif



Oops, what you have devchulya already much) congratulations with 5-defective months)) About mirrors: You directly described our situation) Also porykivaet and toy Takes and shows: Nourished German, saw, that I have there is? And one times in an open-year window with the streets heard barking all, dropped by, barked and running to mirror http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gifNu correctly, he same until only there dogs sees http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



congratulations with 5-defective months))

Thanks :) Tele-anniversary is obtained :)



Estrelle are blessed with masters of! She's cute girl, but right, wool glitters, pleased watch) How you have with behavior, getting up to mischief?



Estrelle are blessed with masters of!

Thanks, Anton :) We, too, with it was lucky :)

wool glitters

This is truth. Wool it wondrous. And when on the street the sun shining, then simply sparkles most brightly :) Anaaaa 2008 on stroll collect :)

How you have with behavior, getting up to mischief?

That at all not can on it complain. Me seems, that in our family, this only normal mentally quiescent people’s being http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gifAnd not only in family. We on walks compare the with other dogs, so our ? Este - five key. Ah, of course, at a discount on age :) In our neighborhood she at all star. All by the dog walkers its know and respect. Even already fully learned name breed :)
Ah and homes she brilliant. Past past moment pocus, as something immediately with it agreed to, that bite cannot be.
House she never small. Ca and to raskidannoy shoes. That in my experience - rare phenomenon have puppies.
But here I Anne Ellinger (owner our mothers) grateful to. She me told, that if teach dog play with drugs, then losses she you not worth. We and have taught.
Homes we not pee. The diapers long was removed. Last week only was the accident. With 8 :0 0 until 17 :0 0 not got excited. Naturila a puddle in the corridor.
There is some zagiby, so on my view they funny.
It has a "imaginary each." Reflection in the mirror. She before him kind of a showoff drugs. Sometimes conditionally with him. Very loudly on him bark.
Or here is. Yesterday in the corridor stood package with and filling. So she on the sly on one Kartoshine peretaskala and popryatala for its binbeg.
????, too, funny was :) -, dog is coming to package. Quietly harks back kartoshinu. Is faring on tiptoe to binbegu. Hides for him as they. Some time sits, assesses environment. Then again theatre to bag gets is faring for a new potato. So polpaketa and peretaskala :)
Here is one calamity. Cat up on it not gives. If cat leaves aquarium (she usually on an aquarium sleeping), then increasingly. Hysterical. Cat must sit only on an aquarium. And more nowhere! Thank God, this indeed favorite place cats. :)



In Sunday visited we with Estrella entle-crowd.
I otchyotik here clit using "Entletusovka under wet covered in white" or "the idiosyncratic Europe"




Ah, here is. We in an exhibition today have visited :)
Este son free time. And have esty and have son this debut was :)
Ah, understandably, from bushikov only we and were :)
Expert we very appealed. Very attaboys us. Was interested in from Switzerland we, Ali local :)
Told, that good fellows, that such a fun rocks chose, not these, which here before you's 50 bucks, units begalo.
Gave us entrepreneurship. Very announced a promising reform agenda, The CW, LBP.
And here is such description of gave http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif. That wrote something? http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gif
I speak English not by. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif
I so and not yesterday, that Esta Angelin :)
And husband told all, said "Nu, yes. The best baby breed. Something I other representatives not watch. In a poetry joined one dog, she and defeated "
Ah, us on Best have left.
Here unsuccessfully have us broke a :(
First and a half hours in machine starters waited, and then more hours have ringa. The beginning of was detained.
Estah is tired. Your whining has become.
Ah, and son, himself almost baby, even 16 there is no. , too, is content. Freaking out became.
Finally called. Just nine puppies different breeds.
Children my talk ran right.
Set all on comparison. First among bebikov third place chose, then the second.
Expert on our ? Este "further." Ah, think, accurately Lesse the first would give. Ah and wlfe's photographed. Estah me saw, has become bark and all legs me row but steer. Son grapple its retained.
Expert boy left all alone He on our you rave and past past.
However, no amount we not people-baby :)
Son me got scolded by, for – my photographing.
And know, that it's a shame? Photo not succeeded the :)
However, start. Now in difficulty whelping let us exhibiting :)
Estah -, Bia. Not she feared. Fled talk. Ah, and stand we even pleasantly and not began to managed by. Ah, will even time.
Large thank you Anne Ellinger (annadji), which not sorry his personal time and on the eve can teach us Caribbean on ringovke.



Write read more))

"Almost 6 months. Development respectively age. The good head. Pravinyy coloring snout. The good neck. Robust Nimera. The right growth. The good thumping, the backbone of. The good thumping for its age. Its robust the backbone of. Different (? Here is here not can even suggest, that pile in view). A good coloring and labeling. "



Yuliya K., congratulations to with start exhibition careers! A very successful start))



Yuliya K.
Good fellows you what! Little sister with unfortunate will be debut! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



stasyun, a large Thanks for Sharing (read more. Such words, it turns out pro us good wrote :)
stasyun, Peretzz, a large Thanks for Sharing (greetings.
I very happily start. Most importantly, that Esta not felt alarmed, on ring provocatively fled. So much hours across this bustle has carried, and has behaved very honorably. Only before Best cry has become. Generalship on gender, head between paws marked and theatre poskulivala with closed eyes. Is tired, you poor thing http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif


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