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Kingdom most Dogs Ester.

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Hello! Let us meets. Me name is Stas, and I came from themes He fell in love in entlebukherov with first glance. But on photo - literature Ester, and homes Terry - daughter upbringing and Ludwig, pink ribbon from themes , please from Ludwig and upbringing..

Terry already the third day homes, being boxed a cat on shelf, attempted to build entire brings, and has already become darling family.

Why something fell in love cat's of cards.

Cat see with pessimism, and in disapproval.

Very love an eye. Not only toys. Try food and family members, and their clothes, and objects interior.
Often do this in outrageous poses.

But on fact she charm of. Baby you have child, very drives, are a good and is a clever.



Greetings, climbing sister :)

being boxed a cat on shelf

Ah here is, and you extremities were united by, that contrary will :)
Have us with cat until not very :( Esta eats my nigu :( A you dopey fool-cat not gives ceding the. Estah its faiI, and cat shouts only "Karaul!"



Have us with cat, too, "not very", if honestly. Cat Ester very fears. With rack not sloughing off, yesterday only first day eaten. And if suddenly meet face to slap - cat hisses and designed on a puppy, so, that becomes frightening.



http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gifGreetings doche. Very are happy, that have been created its page and welcome to forum already as fully fledged owners bushika http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif

Peretzz wrote:

Koshka brotherhood-- Ester very fears. With rack not sloughing off, yesterday only first day eaten. And if suddenly meet face to slap - cat hisses and designed on a puppy, so, that becomes frightening

Give them time, will get used and will even drive each other and sleep in embracing one another http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gif



What Hallmark charming child! Have us have Kurt's in childhood, too, such crocodile was, very cool, until in the first time he his not end)



ClockWorkMystery wrote:

Wu us have Kurt in childhood, too, such a crocodile was, very cool, until in the first time he his not end)

I his in your with-topic and kinda glanced http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/81.gif



Our-button with us already five days. Quite there, yet in apartment, accustomed to new members family (what cannot be said about cat - she so and not accustomed to Terry, but some what progress in this direction there is). Well fully learned team "Sit" and "Location." Withdrawn by the on nickname – - but contact eyes-eyes. Runs round on apartment with speed industries plane. Yes, entire apartment we made the not slippery linoleum. (Interestingly, on what term). All their toys Terry today successfully has chosen plastic bottle from water - so long with one toy she still not played. Truth, then had to bottle take From and sweep - she its gnawing at and could cut yourself about thorny the brink. Cells not fears, remains one (until on hour, but nevertheless).
Several new pictures:



has chosen plastic bottle from water

We such toys, too, like :) Truth I first not pieces with a fool labels. Then have witnessed pieces of these foils in pyosinykh kakulyakh http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/486.gif



Peretzz wrote:

Terry today successfully has chosen plastic bottle from water

This the most espoused plaything our girls. 5-and liter a bottle of did noise in House, that accounted for take, to neighbors police not summoned, but such happy we their with other drugs not saw :D a bottle of on 0.5 are unaware grieved in Remy-for 10 minutes)



Already three weeks Terry lives with us. For this time she quite there, yet from words fully, have grown up to and gained weight, received second vaccinated (truth, in Belante refused to do furiousness until three months age - waiting for mini-dnyukhi), has passed quarantine after the second vaccinations and starters gulyat.
To be sure, we still not fully realized, that this miracle now lives have us, and not until the end of rearranged themselves on quite a new rhythm life, but very-very seek be for Terry good parents, and perishing replies she us with the entire completeness its be described as puppy souls and the entire freshness of their puppy dogs' child ‘ s teeth http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif

Here is such a beauty.

"Ah you caoiae, if sho!"

Cell - our house native with first day. Easily and naturally Terry can sleep there in during days, and nor for that not goes there then, when its there obirayutsya close http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif. Exception - on the evening. Itself goes lie down sleep on "place" http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/194.gif

Mmhmm. You know, with "young through professional." Gulyat on the street, ironically, we not love. Gets to pee and immediately (Zeni home, pulling and neck. Pleasantly even increase while walking not is obtained, can feel that'm torturing its, that to do - until not know, gladly will take whatever steps are advice from of experienced bushikovodov and bushikovedov.

This week before. I on liberal scattering, truth, one day, but nevertheless. Here is there, of course, 's a land of opportunity. A path, incidentally, Terry weathered very well, however, sleep on the seat next refused, has left in its feet on mat, take a closer to vozdukhovodam and refreshment.

Yes not is, by I slipper shoe, not is, by! Turn around, I'm too shy!


And it so chamomile, tasty. Here is here on dacha we and saw harvester in action. The lawn can be not mow - a cool grand arrived. And still - plums. In this year crops as never the rich, on earth sewage a huge number of - and blue, and mobs. Of course, we were selected, of course not directed the http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif. But'm full Terry their to stay. And eaten professionally, in three reception - plum in rot- bite, a wishbone from a on land - glug. Unfortunately, the outcome we saw on the next morning on his gut http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif. On anyone case even suprastin decided give.

Here is so and over three weeks.

Ahead - puppy school - weeks through two-three, and, if all develops a, then and on monoporodnuyu exhibition'll drive over.

P.S. Mini-question bushikovodam - have all on my ears such "holey" on fold rolls? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif



Military proceed time and girl, Bia. Soon an, with the streets not wicked endgame. Until a small can from unfamiliarity with sounds where the near or odors.

Peretzz wrote:

P.S. Mini-question bushikovodam - have all on tinnitus such "holey" on fold rolls?

Have all.

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Peretzz, photos excellent! Especially with Thermaltake came up.
About walk, homilies take with a delicious treats for everyone and toy favourite, to it not simply gulyat-Caribbean, and engage its than something



Greetings climbing sister!
Have us the OK holey on ears are.
Stas, tell, and how many Ester weighs? Me seems, that my child forever aieiaiue :(



JUlja, me ashamed admit, but weigh we 8.2 kg. Me seems this many for a puppy without weeks three months. And she yes, forever starved.



but weigh we 8.2 kg

We 7.5. And placard with model were weight by age you have no? Not can nowhere find.



Юлия К. wrote:

We 7.5. And placard with model were weight by age you have no? Not can nowhere find.

I, too, nowhere not was able find. Somewhere on Forum met mentioning pro 4 month and 11kilogramm. Me seems, that our Weevil in 4 month will weigh much more. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif



Very the Beautiful little girl, unafraid! 'm just admiring a few snapshots of toddlers in new themes :)
Not dwell on weight too, all individually, are looking on overall fitness dogs :) My ribs must easily proschupyvatsya, but not hanging around unnecessarily.



What same all-??? pretty. Very simpatichnaya. Derzhitsya cool, especially with vysunutym language. We older you just on month. Can say, that after the second vaccinations dog immediately engulfed on liberal scattering and two weeks’on the street. And despite this, on return in city the first few days adamantly refused gulyat. Went only affairs do, beginning your whining and Biding my to home. Now already is coming to the end of the second week, day and on the evening walking with udovolstvaem, and here is on the morning runs out only slipping, then home eat and has to. So that I think, that compelling not need to, she herself will soon understand, that to what. That on stroll can be Caribbean for little ball, that there can be find new friends and play with them, ah and so on.



Incidentally, us through two days 4 month, now she weighs 8.3 kg. 'm feeding 3 times on 80 Propulsion Activity - day hour active walk, on the evening 2 hours active walk. Me, too, seems, that all individually. I so understand, ribs of the must proschupyvatsya, we so and focus.




Greetings, Ester!

What simpatyulya! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif


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