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Kingdom most Dogs Ester.

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Tatiana F
The heavyset girl she have us, means) But on it not do you say - ribs of the proschupyvayutsya. Like. And force gulyat - of course not like we were forcing. I observed, that, if around no one not, the she can gulyat enough long, at night, when dark, Mmhmm. You know, easily, can minutes 30-40 walk. And day, when heap people trek there-here, loss, are scared by and pulling home.



Thank you! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_bye.gif



Unfortunately, with the show 20 September we accurately we're just passing, I idjit, forgot proglistogonit before inoculation, means and Hemophilus infection was postponed time. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif

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In gift on mini-day birth Terry received a Kobe beef tell Abe, with which immediately same denationalized snykatsya away from credibly eye - so, in case. Tell Abe very liked.



With a day to birth little sister, hmm! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_claping.gif
And need to glistogonit before inoculation? Me something nothing not said in clinic. Now'll call them.

, a. Said need to glistogonit. And only through 8-10 days on vaccinated. Here is the poop they. Not warned, when we revaktsinirovalis. Lashes our Hemophilus infection from Cow Disease.
Has bought pills "drontal."

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Yuliya ByThanks! Este, too, with day bones (with past http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif)
Proglistogonili milbemaksom, about Tuesday going to travel to inject it. Not know, after Cow Disease karatnin will? Very not want homes sit.

Today have Terry "the first September" and simply severe day.
With morning was the first attractive opportunity on course educational of special training schenka.
So broke a, that until in parallel engage in puppies and adults dogs on course UGS, only Terry comes out with passenger Keyless machines, as nose with to nose faced polutoragodovalym male could ridzhbeka, after what flatly not request go further and aggressively you begged to get ago in machine, yes so, that until “shovel we has been going on the hands of and half classes conducted in position" tear with our bears to exits hence. " By the early the second than half lessons Terry realized, that bunker not tickles, a bit had and even povalyalas on the grass for a.
But in our "classroom" there is still one entlebukher, a boy from of the Crown Russia. Him 4 and a half month, he larger Terry, that not prevented it periodically jump is, by on a neck. Spharischen closer to the end of classes two entlebukhera have shown all as need to play - forests, repetitious cycles and clump from two dogs. Terrik admitted vesovoe and underfloor superiority and end of the borrowed position an enormous belly to top, not talking under this periodically of the lack bridegroom for ears and other seats.
Ago sobakin be sleeping it off entire short-lived a path, at home perched onto the chimney stack water, went in cell and, seems, tried to in it close. Slept three hours not following nor on that.
Then we its all-??? gunmen on greater walks, often in cleanest, which began with silent questions: "Parents, you not oshizeli whether? I is tired created something! ". But short took place, hours and a half were-wandered along the tunnels, even: Diving have reached paws, soak your, Irkutsk without s on closed chessboard of (finally, here we go land, go-cart doves, poshurshali foliage, returned home and here asleep still hours three.
Already on the evening again with full negation of dawn on muzzle poured again on streets on shifting excellent for people-watching, defiantly, until I he withdrew ate any malware likes and, happily wiggled her tail, have moved home. Homes its Majesty's jammed malware likes a piece of is there an apple and has abated again opochivat.
And in a whole, have Terry all right on, but paradise does end - tomorrow get out on work and day full-fledged walk goes not will, only on albatre affairs minutes 15.
Gulyat let us only on the morning and on the evening, truth, boost a few gulyat until and not is obtained, boimsiiii! But progress there is, time walks already is growing.
Several photographs with the phone, with walk in park, unfortunately, in "school" was not until pictures.






I very errori, but want "to charge into Cairo" in your communication with question. And you a back-until vaccinations from Cow Disease and needed after it karantina- agree play with enforcement dogs and in strange place?



Not see reasons to apologize, the more that remark well a reasonable. Pro unfamiliar dogs - agree, partly. The likelihood obtain rabies from porodistogo a puppy, privitogo from Cow Disease (according to owner, but nevertheless) I believe protection faint. Although, I confess honestly, seriously wondered about this only after your comment box, camping on K. Vet, which did vaccinated, well calmed, that, if dog will in Moscow, then with inoculation from Cow Disease can be and wait until full change of teeth without any restrictions. About but then seats - not quite understood - that you auctioning the in mind?



Not only bathhouse puppies meet on the street, but there meet urchins are capable, rats, a mouse.
I never used to walk before the end of quarantines, but this my opinion, and Nelli precisely so me told, when I of solidity his first dog.
Still you described your day, me burden drags several big for my face for the baby's. Again same - my opinion.
Familiar place - this closed the assistant, heroin processed about ticks, where until schenka on were obscure)



On the street we always on 1.5 forge the Tight leash, yesterday the first time have receded on closed chessboard of on 10 minutes.
Have us only from Cow Disease vaccinations there is no, else all on schedules.
Furiousness do today. In principle, of course, strolling, only with full showerbooth - the most the right option to which need to seeks, I this understand.

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Say so, you owner a puppy, so in right do so, as consider please.

But. Let us I you purely for information describe, what approach other owners (and my in particular).
For on me -Better be too careful, than.

Puppy not walking on the street until ending the quarantines after vaccinations from Cow Disease (this roughly 2 weeks after vaccinations). At all officially acknowledged is considered quarantine in 30 days, but we do a slight assumption provided, that after this still two weeks Puppy walking outside seats aggregations dogs and in supposedly "impeccable" place. Why need quarantine, because in this time Puppy the most vulnerable.
As wrote higher Alla, under reasonable manner approach gulyat can be until vaccination rabies in "their" places. T. E. For example, on its –, if drafted, that bishop says to there not catches anything from contagion until Mite.
Why so strictly? Yes because within a year in Moscow or in area quite-??? often in is or different district proclaim quarantine on good rabies guy. In Moscow not an ideal the situation on good rabies guy. And what Puppy goes on 1.5 meter tight leash not means, that he is sailing on air. And except Cow Disease full of the any sign the other that perilous stuff, which is by no means safe for a puppy, in view not a clear immunity.

Pro sound. A small little.
Necessarily needs glistogonit a puppy (and adult dog, too,) for 10-14 days until vaccination. Why? Dog during vaccination must be perfectly people are healthy. The worm same have schenka, even not way of from homes,, too, can be. And if have him will the worm, i.e. the likelihood of low air immunity, camping on E. Immune response to sound will the wrong. Ordinary slovami- can not privitsya the, that privivaete.
For this same reason never get vaccinated dog, if she has there is any kind of malaise. And ???, you, as owners prostate problems, on article - in a deer bitch, too, not the earth will, await its the end of the.
On scheme vaccination, if Nobivak. Given, that the necessary until this age vaccinations were made words in 12 weeks go looking Alternatively (or in 3 month and 1 day-if unless slow), is done a comprehensive vaccine "furiousness + lepto + plague." If you live in a dangerous district on good rabies guy, then furiousness revaktsiniruetsya in 6 months. If district a normal, then in age from 11 until 12 mesyatsev- ???? here again same a comprehensive vaccine. And forth revaktsinirovanie in intervals of from 11 until 12 months from of last vaccination.
Official scheme vaccination Nobivakom:

Comment to scheme - officially vaccine from Cow Disease acts 3 year. But if you are planning to participate in exhibitions and travel abroad, you owe revaktsinirovat dog annually, otherwise you simply will not accept that to participate in the exhibition and not be allowed to enter abroad. Rules these are - Hemophilus infection must be made not less than for 30 days until events and not more than year ago from previous vaccination.



Tatiana, thanks to, very detail! (Not, slightly before would).
Us have made revaktsinatsiyu nobivakom DHPPi + LR exactly through three weeks after the first DHPPi. And furiousness to do refused, so as three months us still not was (I correctly understood, that can be was do all-???.
The worm be turned away of course same, today do Nebezyzvestnyy and sit down on quarantine (.
Thank you still times!



Peretzz wrote:

I correctly understood, that can be was do all-????

On official scheme from Nobivak-yes, in 12 weeks is done a comprehensive vaccine. But I know, that for example, in Petersburg all vet clinics refuse to do Nebezyzvestnyy from Cow Disease previously 3 months and 1 days, why-not know, but here is such have them approach.

Zadavayte questions, if they arise. I think, present gladly on them reciprocate.



stasyun wrote:

Skyfall official scheme from Nobivak-yes, in 12 weeks is done a comprehensive vaccine. But I know, that for example, in Petersburg all vet clinics refuse to do vaccinated from Cow Disease previously 3 months and 1 days, why-not know, but here is such have them approach.

Zadavayte questions, if they arise. I think, present gladly on them reciprocate.

Thank you. Me in Belante, too, said, that until 3-'s months nor-nor.



But I know, that for example, in Petersburg all vet clinics refuse to do Nebezyzvestnyy from Cow Disease previously 3 months and 1 days,

Yes, so. With, I asked, can be whether us increasingly time, instill in 3 month. They said, that there is no. Revaktsinatsiya on the rest of the diseases must be necessarily in term, and times we have made vaccinated before two months, then and revaktsiniruytes before. Otherwise effect not will. And furiousness in 3m and 1 day to do, later the rest of the.
Stasyun, thank you you, so detail increasingly described. Pro worms cramped I, of course. Your something we drank week ago, tomorrow from Cow Disease let's go privivatsya. But for this week what moreover threats it in his mouth not --something :( Easily again could parasites hook up with.
Ah and with turistice I, too, cramped. We,, too,, boldly perishing painful for strolls :(



Terry today is famously was your study session with swears Volskoy.

Is teetering and posing in simultaneously. (Frankly, and the and another until is obtained so itself, but promises try to struggling forces).

And now sleeping without its hind legs.



Brilliant what! :)



Greetings climbing sister.

is teetering and posing in simultaneously

tell that in more details, that for classes?
I until for esty nothing particularly interesting things have themselves in city of not has found :(
We only walk on Sundays on playground "young cattle."



Yuliya K.
If in two nutshell, then this fitness for dogs, goal his roughly those same that and have human.
T. K. I plan try to present Turk, and himself this to do as least until not becomes, decided to turn to'll be Ludmilla's turn Volskoy, she will be preparing Knopika and (hope) show his.
Much detail can be revere have Liudmila in topic "DOG-( shower, for dogs in" SportShouKlub "

And us here is how times very lacks "“ shovel young cattle. "
Puppy school we have ditched, unfortunately. On my view - quite began to, Teri she tires, in mid-polutorachasovogo classes simply refused that-either to do.
I calculated that such stress and burden on nervous system in its age not need. And here is now already it is time would, yes not can find groups with good recommendations somewhere in our district.
This week d try find in district "the dog's crowd" although-would, to Knopik to the routine to "collective", and then we all more in alone strolls.



find in district "the dog's crowd" although-would

Since these us fortunate. Have us alongside home Square attack. There with the entire constituencies dogs walk. Estah the most he's fast too’from all their own late :) Absolutely fearless, UEFA is ready with all, who agrees. The size of the for it not matter. Only on days with dobermanom it not appreciate gulyat. The the whether played, we they tried to, we not understood.
In the same garden square and, uh, dog's gathering spaces that offer universal. We in group young cattle on Sundays doing that. Pursued the not on recommendations, simply alongside home.
And here is for serious occupational, like would recommendations. Do in thematic branch question'm going to ask, can who tell pollsters pro our city.


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