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Estrella-world traveler.

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Our family - big lovers travel. And so as we now have Estrella, then we are starting on the sly hooking its to visits. Until not on long and not far.
After trips sometimes write busy briefing on a famous tourist site. Report. Ru http://www.otzyv.ru/
Being active stakeholder "ozyvskogo" Forum with 2005, placed there more fifty input about trips.
Ah and those reviews, where protagonist is Estrella d copy and here.



Journey the first.

Estrella in Komarovo. (Resort district St. Petersburg)

[b]At second in Komarovo. In the darkness of the, middle the fir trees centuries-long.[/b]

Past weekend so me inspired on construction projects including upique luxurious trip, that like even and even.
Autumn studyonoe the sun simply like there is spoon.
Not waited for I weekends. After work, in Friday, 's rushed in Komarovo.
At all something Komarovo, this not quite "of the city." Indeed do at all not of the city. This resort district St. Petersburg.
If honestly, then one of goals trip was to teach Estrella Caribbean near, not on tight leash.
Until aoaee, in anybody'there:

At „Briedisi, until second
I leave in Komarovo
Where Serzh Sargsyan added on dunes
HotelЃLs staff is very friendly the longboat with you

Not, ah and that such a? You when in Komarovo Tatranska, that not, are you telling revue this a fast-seller Soviet since the? Although can and not, are you telling revue. Though how many you years.
Not, a favorite Kurortny District, Saint Petersburg district. Finnish Gulf. The entire formative years and youth has passed on Bank Finnish Gulf. Here and the first love, which until now art? With me near. And children here in camp summer. And with friends love in tents on Bank sleep. Increasingly here. Increasingly.
Many what know pro these seats. But here is nor pro what hotelЃLs staff is very friendly the longboat with you from songs not heard. Ah yes God with him, with barkasom.
Have us for walks, often just something from forces couple of hours. And I not d handle you charm this puny the favela, with which stems whole constellation of surnames, which adopted to call with profound respect.
Wasn that only one thing name of born beautiful. Anne Ellinger Akhmatova, which rests on komarovskom poselkovom a graveyard of, belong these sink:

unfathomable autumn has built its dome high,
Was order at clouds this dome a not night.

In point! Such day today sunny. And not be kept in the dark clouds dome high.

On days I tripped about information, that in Komarovo even in the past year built environmental Tuhnicka.
Very I love these environmental tracks. Have us lack, of course, parks, where would can be was walk. But here is real environmental trails I not know.
Nothing I pleasantly pro this Tuhnicka not've given, only knew that its the beginning of she harks back not far from railway station.
On Upper highways arrived finally in until station and has scaled back in village.
- Nu? Far now?
As I not love this question. Where I know far? Here! Here somewhere should be.
On path the favela I was envisioning woman, walking kept doing a nice step.
Comes out from machines and went to it. If would now was year thirtieth past century, then lady is now over would definition of "from former."
High, dorodnaya, years sixty five, coif, bearing, when we are speech.
She pointed out to me, that the path begins from Sea the streets, only there cannot be creating, there government ????. Need get down on Sea until Lower road that there there is parking.
Turn off on Sea. Signs, couples to parking, on were marginalized are worth. Fences high all cameras utykannye.


Doezzhaem until Gulf, here have restaurant Layner parking.


Yes. Too little, too late we toured, the sun already is headed to the horizon. But in what warm paint Sergey the sun raskrasilo increasingly around!


Here is many consider, that dogs not are at to speak. So can say only the man in which never was dogs. Are at they to speak, even as are at!
On impatient movement bodies; on enthusiastic eyes, zaglyadyvayuschim in my; on ushkam-lopoushkam and vesyolomu the tail I understand, that wanted say Esta.
- Mommy costly! Prostorische-then what! And sand! And the water's! I can itself Caribbean? Without defence wakes up aggressivity? Truth can? And pit can be dig? On the flower bed outside so you not have your permission. And you me even and plate chase hurl? Yahooo! I you lyublyuuuu!



What same beauty around! Truth wind a strong, but this small beer.
Sand on Bank lies waves. Even small "dunes", otbrasyvayuschie long predzakatnye the shadows, seem large.


And Sea? Sea-then what a remarkable. Ah as his can be called and oily mass, let and Markizovoy? Most present Sea!



Bloody marvelous.
And this you as? On me, so illustration to course ruble.


We umilyaemsya, with what speed and relish Esta tying a establishment on sand.
Here is to water ran up. With sea meets.


Javadxan! Point! Meets she. Mm-hmm. This grebe has drawn to the waves, woman slice of woods and suggested a've fallen for it hook. Not managed I from its cavity malware likes extricate.
Ah so? Then on ceasing and went Tuhnicka seek.

Again it is risen on Sea the street, but already on foot.


On emotional outburst during familiarization stands.



First footpath's a dirt. On it pointers.
Through streams, which many, built, humpback bridges.


In really the early path we get stuck on territory ???? the former ???? Renault.
If click on photo, then can be read history holiday villas.


Poor, poor chap Renault (an obscure cousin those the most Renault, whose name of wear yiooceanoia, which drive now on the streets of the) bought villa in the years 1917 year. But enjoying here lives, understandably, not was able.

And holiday villas perishing there is no, yes and cleanest now simply wood.
Are gone in century shady alleys, forest the ponds, cool fountains, fancy flowerbeds dispose.
Long but extinct gazebo, where youthful my beauty into white dresses to trust each other their secret mystery.
On one of stands someone chalky wrote "Nature increasingly would still its would step in."
She and harks back. Very quickly, without priglyada human, harks back. Here is increasingly that is left of the Trevi:


Nature best, where need to grow bushes, and where colours.
Although, have of nature fantasy such a, that handicap will give any artist.
And in proof, that it is alive, trustfully exposes before us its heart of. Heart of Nature.


People took care restore modicum small fraction former luxuries.
Comprehensive such the travelers can the construction, as cascading the ponds.
Autumn the leaves their a bit zamusorila and on photo poorly in sight, that on fact water very net. Any emerald spin. Lakes oval, bottom footers are placed in history are.



On stairs can be rise to generated and explore lakes with the upper point.


After of cascading lakes's a dirt footpath continues wooden mostkami. They centimeters on ten raised from land. Whimsical which provide the among trees.



On the right hand the extraordinary, absolutely provided with round the pool of. Provided with round, as plate produced with soup. Surrounding trees his generously life with their; dress with. Ah, so autumn same.


On path many skameechek. So that can be boldly borrow for walks, often its centennial grandmother. It will where for a holiday during walk.


I have no a century grandmothers. I have there is dog. Here is its and; Tho '.
Estah my he's zooming through the the forest in full delighted.


Stick all consecutive us humpin '.


However, I happily its behavior. Far not your. On call immediately trots. For this we give to it pieces of combined carrot.
On the way are outfitted with might-trough for protein. Here is only might empty, there is no there feed. And protein not in sight.
With resolution esty, we otsypali there part of its combined carrot. Let you, squirrlio will come and pogryzut. Although, not know, like whether proteins a carrot? But, why and there is no? My same dog likes this edible root.


And about how, what merge without here it comes... and usual tell stands.
Here is billboard "corner pick up the tracking." Written, that such traces drawn by the and on the rain in that flooring tracks, to people so in your blind spot, that for they here "ran a 100." Me seems, that such fun could would please visit kids. But as something already top of the evening quite and traces on path I not get a good look at.


Here is even one thing man-made Lake. Lake with island fall.
When the on the island were with bushes lilac and speaking of. And island in dependence from time year was the violet summer, then white.
Near billboard, which tells about this.


And darkens something as quickly. And we even and half not over.
When came closer to the lake was so:


And very quickly became so:


Estrella-dulloid a cardboard, was awake at to the lake water drink from it. And we heard, fat spike in.
Have the most Bank in water very many in fallen wreath. Here is the child in the and decided, that this state. Came and has failed. We's rushed its to rescue. But she already itself had cost. Ran up and in eyes looks in,, asks:
- What this was? That for a setup? I OK on Bank was, and land opened up, under with their feet. Here is. I the entire wet.

About-logogram-yoshechki my. And darkens something as rapidly.
Already and not in sight, far talks the footpath, zakidannaya foliage.


And here Danilo says:
- Great. Decorations to among based horrors of. One foolish family went why something in wood at night gulyat his hound.
And in the forest their and fulfilling "Witch from Blair." Further on scenario must, trying to snuff mother again.
- What this mother again something first?
Is most weak link. And we with father even for life you want to wrestle. Viewers likes struggle. The next will be killed dog.
, its something for that?
- She mimishnaya. The viewer will weep. The film something worst. Most automate, that leaving hall, people even and not they will recall how many just people in movie close. But all will to speak: "Poor doggy."

Short unsupportable be volume. Wooden footpath took and runs out aswell. Loop only. The dark glad wood, a rank moss.


There are big tall ant hills.


And already not seemed, that streams in their canyons steep gurgle up fun.


And Dir much's gaining on. Voice forging had included. Frightening and protyazhno zaskripela catchphrase spruce.
Even brave entlebukher Sennenhund slightly that out the park, has stopped for in unnatural pose.


Turns the ears. Listens.


And then goes haulin 'ass down in wood. Made there jumped out, carring in mouth something a slight, prodolgovatoe.
- That. Began. It in mouth human should sit.
- Esta! Me! Share, aaoea, that there have you. Danilo! This a bump. Bolshaya Yelovaya River a bump! Let us chosen hence.

Andrei had turned a head and said:
- Let's. Only I already even in glasses nothing not see. Far go something? There?


Illy there?


Where I know far? Something under the dark of night we somewhere took with paths.
- My domestic compass suggests, that there.


We is true chose direction. Quickly have extricated themselves on ?? highways. Have Gulf significantly lighter than in the forest.



And twilight of still story paints on the sky their watercolors. Then add a thin sickle growing Moon Illusion) Keeps policies--and on the sky its place.


Our short over.
And here is, that I want say you.
Come in Komarovo. Come on a host day.
Can be and as I, on night looking. But only in the right time year. Summer can be and for midnight gulyat. Have us here summer Whites White Nights. Although, I smiled, that this flim. There is no have us no Belikh 7th. All of this piarkhod for tourists. But my eyes say, that very even these the most Whites White Nights there is. Forces routinely can be in Hour Owls in 000t district on quagmire moroshku to collect. I has. And successfully. Here is in Krasnodar you same not you're coming at night for moroshkoy? Not you're coming. First, in this time days there dark, and second and cloudberry something there not usual.
In Komarovo can be zhestkoy walk on suburban-filth streets. These roads understood great and meaningful people our country. Let they remembered and you.
While walking along central, can be pozaglyadyvat through fences. Admire beautiful houses. Here even persisted ???? past since the. For example lacy summer cottage Matilda later. Yes and modern Villas very are good. Ah, truth, there is and ugly gimbap razvalyushki build of the late 1970 ’.
Can be watch on residence governor St. Petersburg. She on the street Sea, house 8.
If you lover of poetry, then can be go on a graveyard of, worship the be upon him Anna Akhmatova.
Can be take with a thermos and sandwiches. Ambush a remarkable picnic on Bank Gulf.
Ah, and if you not lover of sandwiches, then on Bank there is beautiful restaurants. That is called "with guise of on Sea."
For example the restaurant "Russian dive" quite big on Tiananmen. There you tailor make ear from trout, that you would directly kill balcony in their fishponds.
Under restaurant there is a menagerie. Is called "Zoo behalf of some." Entry there is free. Any can watch on human feedbags, for this not necessarily otkushivat salads for 700 rubles in restaurant.
Come in Komarovo. Breathe into Laurent air, hardened and Tourist. Air here a remarkable, a fresh, delicious.

Even want give you exile on this site http://terijoki.spb.ru/g2/main.php?g2_i … ;g2_page=1
Here a selection of old postcards, photographs, documents that have a direct attitude to Komarovo, in the time the distinctive name Komarovo, Saint Petersburg.
Me, as mother child, in this year future surrender OGE, was interestingly watch on school certificates about the end Kellomyakskoy popular schools in 1923. Knowledge accounted on it four out of threshold. In rural school children have studied four language: Russian, Finnish, German, French. Few provincial schools can now thus displaying.
And on the Law God Himself Zinaida received's supreme pass.


Old, - Discolored photos. With them on us look people, which lived in Komarovo as much as a hundred years ago.

Photo from collections Sergei Rennie. Komarovo, Saint Petersburg, 1911 Propulsion Finnish-the Russian fire Vigilantes.
Note. In the center of the is worth a Iittle boy years six. But increasingly style chinaryom. And form of and helmet fireman.


Thank you Anyone reflecting for attention. D is happy, if someone my report use to anyone.
Want all be and easy vacation.
Yuliya Nikolaevna. St. Petersburg.
KGP Estrella 4.5 month



Very talk!



Thank you! Very interestingly and photos beautiful!



NN, Alla, thank you. Is happy, that you grassroots narrative pro our with estoy walks, often.



Yuliya K.
Me, too, very liked your journey with Estrella) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif



Cool adventures! :) I it seems in these dogs all more and more falling in love with :)



Talk there you have as! And sobakin, too, a handsome is growing. --



JakIv, Katerinn @, Peretzz, thanks to, for interest to our stroll. And Thanks for Sharing (a compliment Estrelle :)



"Entletusovka under wet covered in white" or "the idiosyncratic Europeof Estrella."

Immediate, bring an for the quality of photographs. Weather was "not ice", lens'd fall inside wet covered in white. Yes and to capture in frame professional sport are slip the dogs very is difficult, something alone smeared C. succeeded the. So that, than rich. And quite without photo not interestingly to read :)

On days in BOS me get the rap invitation on entletusovku.
Ah, watch on ethnic kin we always "for". Here is only something weather "not whispering." Although, about fix I say? For our cities such a weather that ninaest the most simple.
Plus two degrees. With the sky is strewed Tolya snow, Tolya rain. Under with their feet is mushy dirt. Classical Piterskaya winter of.

Their shopping meeting me was experience "about to." Vehicle with run by Cad on Koltushskoe highways, and right, we'll circle back a graveyard of. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/49.gif
In path!

We are going, we are going along cemeteries. Something long we are going. , a Anne Ellinger. Say, that already ARGUMENTY on cemetery to go, and you increasingly not in sight. What even something benchmarks there is?
And which benchmarks? From Left the graves of, and right field. A graveyard of end –, there wood and entlebukhery.

Ah we increasingly OK not there has scaled back as something.
Look - in field mountain. On sorrow tent. There like dogs antics.
Well, that have our machines four leading. Here is so on mess on mountain and have got. Dogs any not our. Good doggies, but on bushikov not similar. I increasingly OK comes out from machines, went watch that for assembly.
And there it turns out hare radioupravlyaemogo suspects. And so cleverly is obtained have dogs. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_claping.gifthanks dogs on ’, as arrows. 21st! The speed! Got distracted by this business I.
Me say:
- Why would you entlebukhery? Let us with us for coming as a stowaway Caribbean.
Estah from machines yelling:
- with! Let her out of her me rather. Me very need this "hare" to capture. You-that your-kaaay!http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_cray.gif
Ah, not. We so not can. Estah something can. But here is I not is ready detyo in field without defence wakes up aggressivity to float. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/331.gifcelebrate their seek.
Runs round middle pines with access a dozen entlebukherov. Estah again shouts.
- with! You-that your-kaaay! Our here! Caribbean want!
Oops! And dogs something big. We with husband with something decided, that Esta almost grew. And compared to other - detyo a sprog. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif


Here Esta with moniker Byornskim runs round. Was among was objectively one such girl. Beauty.


Estah the entire in happiness. Let with speed of light establishment risk the. Ah and I obey for provoking period and'm yelling "Esta-Esta." http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/341.gif


Husband says:
- Yulia, calm down already. Nowhere she not going anywhere. See antics all around the circle.
I so not can :( saying I for the child in the. Suddenly'll hurt. Suddenly'll get lost. However, I - a psycho.
Estah petty quite. , Dick and Harry seems with adults dogs. But smart little khitryushka. If on it Danish ryknut, then: Split under machine. And adult there not going. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif

Here is invites adults play.


They nedoumevayusche pereglyadyvayutsya. What this triviality squatting anymore? Again that whether Caribbean?


Ah, let's roll!


Ah or dogs have become for stick to fight. Estah making the connection, that better in the war not to participate. Has moved in side for a moment. Has found itself itself stick. Yes not any triviality, sake of which growling on the whole wood. Here is this the right stick! A pity only with seats not shift the.


Have esty energy'm so amped right now rush,. Is carried with speed of light. Not, young people. Is worth my aaoea, chooses, whom even on begalki ask.


Raze me dogs in frame not to capture. Ah, here is same only the entire crowd back yard with my friends. And until photo camera pulled your, half of in different hand, they've torn up.


And here and barbecue toiling. Dogs all have calmed down. Right out next have the table. But particularly them in his mouth no one meat not didn't poke. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_212.gif


This two sister's got. Betty and collect. Daughter of caramel Of nobilis House hypnotized barbecue.



? Este without difference that chew. On land to wake up vegetable salad. She his together with pine the quills and zapylisosila. No one this salad not interested, only my duryndu. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif

If honestly, then I its behavior happily. A bold, pleasant, a vigorous, on call that comes over.
, Bia my. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

And we so not bad listeners. :(


Ah. Us same even so cannot be. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifBoor we waltz dance can. Ah, as can? Learning rush,.

I a bit had. Nepalese on the forest for estoy Caribbean and pine couple's Godparents it from Pernod deceitful. That here something increasingly and happened.
That only that Esta on father, jumping up and down. Required an waltz dance and Yumbers receive.


And here sound of distress: "Little escaped!"
And happened here is that.
To our & roll standing ran up husky and any a mongrel dog. Ah, nearly ran and nearly ran.
About dogs pokrutilis. Estah with them gotta do jumping jacks. And these two's rushed in wood. Estah for them. I only its tail on gorushke saw.
For dogs torpedo it was blown up young man (Sorry, name of not memorized the) from our meeting, and perishing next our Pope.
Me slightly kondratiy not had a heart attack. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif
I until on gorushku, and you climbed up, and they already back go.
Andrei says:
- A Nightmare. They with such speed in debris is fled. Not are catching up with would. Well, that I on sorrow proved, and they from below. Estah me heard and on call returned.http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif
I pro themselves thanked of our kinologa Olga. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gifShe have taught us not spare no some treats for for a puppy. On every podzyv to poke it-to-mouth cube. Is obtained, that if name is, then now tasty will. Necessarily just run up need.
Andryukha has advanced idea, that this was a gang of on the kidnapping dogs. Such specifically trained dogs, which fools to their sure smanivayut, and then their masters of these fools to their sure a doner make.
So or not so, but were frightened half to death we frightening. Even home wanted.

Accurately. Us home it is time. We OK even small. And so more two hours making merry. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/greeting.gif

Industry tried to group the for photos on memory.


Adults dogs are accustomed to fotosessiyam. Talk lie and sit.


Ah, us thank spotlight, not am familiar. Not understand we until, why all in of the sit. We have Pope on pens :)


I she wrapped it out of those wet Este in blankets of and just tucked on behind the seat next. And itself near sela. Estah here same fell asleep. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/194.gifNu, think, prodrykhnet until the evening.
Of our protection. Point! Slept she exactly forty minutes, until home aoaee. Ah, and homes the entire fatigue's the shackles,. Play, play!

Here is such a short. Us was interestingly watch on industry, ah and Esta tuckered herself out rush,.

All Thanks for Sharing (company. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_curtsey.gif



About, is famously've been hanging out! Good fellows! Yuliya K., and you us tell, who although would from dogs participated (as were a dog person, understand, that hosts accurately not have remembered :D)



that hosts accurately not have remembered

I and industry something on names not very memorized the. http://s16.rimg.info/1377de4f44c9895d8482ea0211a556be.gifMore for estoy HRDs, than in hands joined :) Esta the most petty was. We without defence wakes up aggressivity usually not strolls, and here consumers fly on the forest. Eye yes eye :)
Betty and collect - dogs Anna annadji. She invited me on meeting.
Were even Mila, Fora and Casanova.
Can Anna analogy, so will tell, who even was.



Collect, this, I so understand, Aura) MA – It is identically, that you have such a entle-a mixer tried to get close)) This is very helpful and for hosts-exchange experience in living, and for dogs, especially young-should also still no one not revisit it))
And as the saying goes, bukhov many not case.



JUlja! Thanks for Sharing (an interesting and uvlekayuschiy narrative about our & roll standing! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifOf entlikov mostly were children Betty and of Casanova. Think, that can be will repeat crowd, when, the weather has, will good! With with a sled and slides /! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gif



collect, this, I so understand, Aura

zhyttja, http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifah Perhaps so :)

, bukhov many not case

Yes :) A pack of 'em looks solidly :)
Ah, and for us with husband was eyebrows, that Esta our quite Puppy. We after all with something decided, that she virtually before his growth grown up yet, ah only muscular mass of remained to garner :)
And this was in the first time, when we have been able Este compare with other bushikami. Although, adults dogs differ from each other on size. But we with their 14.7 kg - above the :)
annadji, thank you you large for invitation. Call even :)

Last edited by Юлия К. (Nov 23 2015 12:06:35)



Still times dreamt photo) Wu the table with food saw only my, Betty and Auru) http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif



Wu the table with food saw only my

Yes it wouldn't :) Everyone there hung out. Simply your girls well succeeded the, and the rest only tushies. Here is and not has become put a in report.
Ah, can who from hosts its tail learns :)



Yuliya K.

Ah and all, who hosted participation in this-awesome best & roll standing, what you all good fellows) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gifJealous "a tad") http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Yuliya K.
Nice've been hanging out!
Very is identically so much was objectively in of the http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif





Что-то давно ничего вам не рассказывала. Совсем обленилась.

Итак:Время отдыха: 8-15.09.2016

На начало сентября у нас была запланирована поездка в Карелию. На недельку.
Там нас уже ждут друзья. Ну а мы малой командой выехали рано утром в сторону селения Паданы.
Нас в машине трое всего. Я, Андрюха да Эстрелла.
Но, Боже ж мой! Сколько же всего вещей оказывается нужно трём особам. Наш грузовичок битком. Еле-еле место Эсте нашлось.
Вот реально "Картина, корзина, картонка и маленькая собачонка".
Ну, мы сначала-то с умом вещи собирали, по списку, а потом что-то запаниковали и стали пихать всё подряд. Даже мою кофеварку засунули. Кстати хорошая идея была. Ну, не растворимку же пить.
А когда мы начали паковать Эстины вещи, она стала активно протестовать. Пыталась спасти своё личное имущество.

- Игрушечки, мячики, пледик, подстилку! Зачем в мешки пихаете?! Что вы делаете? Вы ломаете мой домик! отдайте мою подушечку!

Но мы молчим, сопим и её клетку разбираем. Я её подушку в мешок пихаю, а она тихонечко достаёт и на место относит. Война, немцы и партизанка Эста.

Это всё с вечера было. Рано утречком встали. Погнали!

Ехать нам до села Паданы 668 км. За рулём бессменно Андрей будет. Ну, не умею я его драндулетом управлять. Переживала очень. Восемь часов за рулём. Но справился он отлично.

Утро такое ясное. Светлое. Даже дожди прекратились. Сжалились над нами и решили не заливать нас дорогой.


И за Эстика я тоже переживала. Так далеко она ещё не ездила. Но и она отлично перенеслась дорогу.


Через четыре часа пути я потребовала сделать техническую остановку. Коронная фраза Андрея: "Не буду останавливаться, только все фуры обогнал" не прокатила. Остановились. Попили чайку, размяли ножки. Ну, а Эста, поняв, что бутербродами с ней делиться не будут, с аппетитом жевала травку.

До чего же трасса Кола хороша. Отличный асфальт. Ровная дорога. Едь, да красотами любуйся. Только уж очень много фотокамер. Особо не разгонишься. Ну, что ж делать? Не нужно нарушать.
Но всё хорошее имеет способность заканчиваться. От Медвежьегорска свернули на Паданы. Это сто километров грейдерной дороги. Тыр-тыр-тыр-быр.
За эту сотню километров, на пути всего две деревушки. А так сплошной лес, никого навстречу и связь сотовая отсутствует.
Эсте тоже тыр-тыр не нравится. Перебралась ко мне на ручки. Я её сгоняла обратно. Но она упорствовала. Бороться с ней в машине не сподручно. Придавила меня своими двадцатью килограммами энтлебухерского веса. Так и ехали.

И вдруг. После двух часов пути по необитаемым землям. Цивилизация!
Деревня Паданы. Асфальт, магазины и люди. Чумазые Бурёнки.


Жить мы будем на турбазе Сегозеро. http://bazasegozero.ru/
База - это всего шесть бревенчатых домиков. Один домик на четыре человека.
Домики стоят полукругом. На самом берегу озера.


Две комнатки и кухня. К домикам подведена вода. Кухня укомплектована техникой и посудой.
А вот туалета в домике нет.
Есть отдельностоящий хозблок. Там три отделения.

Кухня. Для тех, кто не хочет готовить сам. Повар приготовит по заказу. Тут же стиральная машинка. Можно пользоваться.
И два гигиенических отделения. Мужское и женское. В каждом душ и два туалета. Раковина для умывания.
В домиках горячей воды нет. если хотите умыться с комфортом, то это - в хозблок.
Контингент проживающих на этой базе - охотники да рыбаки. Одни мужики.
Прекрасных дам всего три штуки. Я, моя подруга Лиза, да Эстрелла.

Собрались как-то вечером с Лизой в душ. Она вперед пошла, а я замешкалась.
Слышу в женском отделении с кем-то разговаривает.
- Вообще то это женская половина.
- Ох, прости, душа моя. Я в темноте не разобрал. То-то я думаю, чего это тут так чисто.

Не, ну понятно. Два одинаковых помещения. Мужикам на двадцать человек и нам на двоих такая же площадь.

В общем всё достаточно неплохо. На первый взгляд. А так домики достаточно раздолбанные уже. У нас в домик дверь просто не хотела закрываться. Нужно было долбануть со всей силы, что бы закрылась. Окна так же открываются-закрываются плохо. Пластиковые рамы провисли.
Но с другой стороны. Мужикам после дня на охоте, да рыбалке разве много нужно? Выпил рюмку, да в койку.

Ещё на территории есть баня. По заказу её натопят. Баня жаркая, на самом берегу стоит. Можно после парной сразу в воду прыгать. Но такой тип бани мне не нравится. Парная и помывочная совместная. Но это уж кто как привык.

Есть моторные лодки на прокат.

С обслуживающим персоналом можно договориться, что бы приносили из деревни свежее молоко, сметану, творог. Все вкусное, натуральное.
Так же договорились с ними, что бы к отъезду насобирали нам клюквы и брусники.

Турбаза стоит у самой кромки Сегозерского водохранилища. В полукилометре от деревни Паданы.
Интересны мне истории таких далёких мест. Но обычно они весьма печальны.
Паданы известны с шестнадцатого века. В восемнадцатом веке посёлок имел статус города. Даже свой герб был. А на гербе изображен косяк рыбы сиг.
Но постепенно город опять превратился в село.
В начале прошлого века тут вовсю ещё кипела жизнь. Работал деревообрабатывающий завод. В озере ловили рыбу, которая была в больших количествах и весьма разнообразна. По водам озера курсировали пассажирские суда.
Ну и война прокатилась по этим местам. В посёлке есть памятник на братской могиле.
В 1957 году Паданы не миновала судьба Матёры. Из озера сделали водохранилище. Были затоплены прибрежные дома. Даже двухэтажная больница полностью ушла под воду.
Вот прямо тут, где стоит база, под водой спят чьи то дома.


Поэтому нужно очень осторожно идти на лодке с мотором. Вполне можно напороться на затопленное дерево. Не раз такое случалось с незнающими людьми.
Местные огородили опасные места буйками. Смотрите внимательно куда плывёте!
Ну, а щука в таких местах и водится. Когда привыкаешь к сюрреалистическому пейзажу, торчащих из воды макушек мёртвых деревьев, то незацепляйку на спиннинг и начинай эти коряги облавливать.
Ну, а рыба тут водится всякая. В середине прошлого века сюда завезли икру ладожской корюшки и онежского судака.
Корюшке тут понравилось. А вот местному населению она нет.
Не едят её местные. Не понять им питерской радости, когда весной весь город пахнет свежими огурцами:)
Впрочем, всякая рыба водится. Вот только в этом году, что-то совсем плохо ловится. Ну, для удачной рыбалки нужно чтобы множество факторов сложились в одно созвездие. Нам особо не посчастливилось.

- Чего судак не клюёт? Повывелся?
- Не. Не время ему. Когда руки в воде стынуть начнут, тогда и судак клевать начнёт.

Хариус. Мечта рыбака. Осторожная, хитрая, вкусная рыбка.


Вода в озере чистая, прозрачная. Под кормой не один метр , а все камешки на дне видны. Тут и нужно его ловить. У каменистых берегов.


На лёгкий спиннинг и граммовую блёсенку. Но на него мелочь грамм по триста только клюёт. Большой, более полутора килограммов, только на хитрую снасть, кораблик называется.


Но не в одной же рыбалке счастье? Красотища то кругом какая! Просторы и свобода.



На противоположном берегу цепляется за камни деревенька Погост.



Видна церковь. Порушенная, но в лесах. У церкви множество имён. Церковь Рождества Пресвятой Богородицы ,Церковь Николая Чудотворца,Николая Мирликийского церковь и другие.
Ну так, за много веков имён поднакопилось.

Погост старинное село, в летописях упоминается с конца 16 века.
Понятно, что за это время на одном фундаменте возведён неединственный собор. Пожары - бич деревянных сёл. А эта церковь на фото, стоит тут с 1900 года, на месте сгоревшей.
В 1950 году церковь закрыли. Не просто на замок, а сняли с регистрации. По плану и она должна была уйти под воду.
Но вот не утонула. И стоит теперь ничейная.
Решаю, что вот завтра точно пришвартуюсь к берегу и схожу на неё посмотреть.
Но ни завтра, ни послезавтра этого не делаю.
А сейчас смотрю на фото и ругаю себя. Вот почему не сходила? Что мешало? Как много таких почему появляется в моём возрасте...
Ведь вряд ли когда буду ещё в этих местах. А значит никогда не ступить мне на берег деревни Погост, не посмотреть вековую церковь.

А небо-то сегодня какое. Тяжелое, низкое. Вот-вот дождём прольётся. Того и гляди совсем на голову свалится. Хочется его рукой поддержать, что б не рухнуло, не придавило.


Но за эту неделю Карелия показала нам абсолютно разные лица.

Были свежие туманные восходы.


Когда студёный воздух щиплет щёки. Но чётко знаешь, что сейчас солнышко поднимется повыше и будет настоящее Бабье лето.
И все будут радоваться теплу.
Эста будет носится по двору и гонять старого кобелька наших соседей.



Ну, а мы пойдём в лес за грибами.
С грибами мы опоздали немного. Всё ж уже ночные морозцы побили их малость.
Но всё равно, грибов в лесу видимо-невидимо.

А леса то какие! Сказочно дремучие. Мшистые. Таинственные.


На этом дереве разве что шишкинских медвежат не хватает:)

Но мест этих мы не знаем. Боязно далеко заходить. Лиза в красной куртке, как наш маяк, идёт по лесной дорожке, а мы немного в лес заходим, так что бы её из виду не терять. А то а-ля, у-лю. Бродить тут можно до следующего Пришествия. На много километров нет живой души.

Но осень есть осень. Молодые грибы прячутся под разноцветной листвой. Зато хозяева леса, старые боровики, гордо посматривают на нас, ничего не боясь.


Да и нет особого смысла далеко заходить. Грибы растут прямо на дороге. И мы стали собирать грибы по аналогии с таким видом рыбалки, как троллинг.
Едем на машине и в окошки выгладываем красные шляпки подосиновиков. Как кучно их увидим - останавливаемся. Собираем урожай и дальше едем.
Вы думаете мне нужно столько грибов? вовсе нет. Но, азарт же!

Ой, ой! Сколько же теперь нам их обрабатывать.
- Была бы ты, Эста, поумнее, так тоже бы грибы чистила. А так - вот тебе шапочка.


Такие манипуляции Эстрелле не нравятся. Но вот на фотосессию с грибами согласилась.


Как бы небыли хороши восходы, но вот закаты всё же насыщеннее.



Солнышко ещё не успело уйти за горизонт, а уж луна достаточно высоко поднялась в небо.


Как же мне нравится северная природа. Все эти мхи, камни, леса.
Рядом с нашим домиком мох вот такой белый.


А рябина такая вот красная. Уже побитая ночным морозом, но от этого она только слаще.


А ещё мы ездили на таинственную гору Воттоваару.
Но это уже совсем другая история и Эсту мы с собой не брали. Она осталась ждать нас в нашем домике.
А вам пару фото с этой горы.

Сейды, мегалиты, заколдованный лес :





Спасибо Всем за внимание. Оригинал рассказа  тут:


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