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Days 10 ago my Esta returned with morning walk the entire in a rash. At all the entire, as if have child the chicken pox. Not only open, but pimples were even baby, under coat. Awesome.
Allergy that whether?
On that sin no, not know. Many coincided:
1. On the eve opened a new bag with feeds. The same firms and the same flooding the. But a new.
2 In as a some treats for usually I allow veal "or a Kobe beef heart of. And here decided hen's hearts do.
3. On this stroll Esta managed they orange cover.

However, gave I it garnish suprastina and has moved on work. Think, if on the evening will without changes, then to a doctor let's go. Hearts threw away.
On the evening rash significantly posvetlela. On the next virtually vanished.
Has remained one raschyosannaya blyamba on his stomach. Put antiperspirant on zelyonkoy. And on tinnitus korosty slightly posvetleli, but not over. She last of the puke out.
Here is so on the fourth day

Moknuschaya blyamba on belly of


Passed even six days.
On ears are increasingly passed.
And here is this blyamba. She not getting wet. Increasingly stiff. Broke a such ring from (chronic) diseases. And raze not wants to undergo :(

Can this not allergy, and a disease what?
Go to a doctor with this "ring"? That OK not passes the? Can she his razlizyvaet?



Frankly, it seems on be allergic. Estina sis as something on dacha'm full sewage and on morning all belly was in my acne. So same gave it gender-pills suprastina, pimples over very quickly, and here is the, which last of the puke out -, too, long anodyne, 6 courses his khlorgeksidinom.



Was some totally imagined in some totally imagined as on the photo, began to bolt in slow. A clinic. Dr. prescribed Stop-itching spray, we popshikalis „Briedisi and all passed.



Yuliya K.
JUlja, very it seems on be allergic, by experience can say, have Stivki oranges, in any! Numbers cause be allergic, on tinnitus. All other products from your transfers no! Of course, all individually. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



Thank you. Let us wait when will have hosted. Perhaps, this were orange cover. I think, that if would a disease what, then one "ring" not ended, anything even would Nakamury.



Something I get embarrassed about anything with Estinoy allergies :(
"Ring" words slowly through this. And here is on tinnitus increasingly again pouring out of this thing :( Quite blyamby not such bright, as in the first time. But there is some koryavost. And she even and last of the puke out. And can the that was until the end of simply not passed?
And me seems, that around eye wool has faded. Or me seems? Or not seems?
Like OK nothing not give yesterday. Although, visual, that it could something a.
Perhaps, tests on be allergic need to pint? There is same such for dogs? Simply for people analysis is taken precisely on taking some product, and not on increasingly consecutive. And here is with dog something that to do? I after all and itself not know, that there it in his mouth --something. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif
And even question. In our dreams was go 28 November on exhibition. There Trofimov D. Will judge. Like OK he our rocks knows?
And as now go, if "caldrons" not will hold its? For such a 145,000 dog and on neck can be obtain? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif



Yuliya K.
I think, that this - the very case, when not need to wonder and wait Council on Forum. Need to wanting show dog good the vet http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



And truth, what this I tormented, right:? Vertikalnye on Friday to Enterosgelya diathesis minimum.

good the vet

Perishing not know, a good doctor or not a nice. But precisely plakvenil, not simply was referred.
We here is here walk. http://pes-i-kot.spb.ru/#
With this clinic until nothing nor bad nor good say not can. I like, that they work 24 hours a day and push any sign full of the.



However, not waited for I Friday, today abandoned.
Entire Este pereschupali, porazglyadyvali.
Took on esty swabs with ear. Even me gave on all of this in microscope watch :)
The entire being welcomed policies--and two hours. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif
Me’t read a lecture on allergies. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/332.gif
On mulyazhakh and maketakh heard a about life fleas.
Have prescribed the medicine.
And drugs something such a in their mark there is no. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif, right, I'll tomorrow on city seek.
Ass kicked together recommendations, until how and than need process apartment and together and a cat.
However, deal a clear, that deal dark,.
Allergy. Ah, but on that - this perishing in the process treatment bent or broken.



Yuliya K.
"On mulyazhakh and maketakh heard a about life fleas."
You now man win in flea a holiday)



you now man win in flea a holiday)

And the!
At all something silikonovye whereas dead size of in 15 see Protivnenkie. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif



Yuliya K., if whereas dead on maketakh 15 centimeters, then no same size themselves an infective flea? :huh:



Yuliya K.

Check SHOULD liver and the pancreas!

You blood something loss?



you blood something loss?

There is no :( Don’t loss. Doctor as something so said, that through two weeks will come, consider as affairs and then already further let us look, that to do.
Said that would go-cart fleas and worms. In 28.0g - lekrolin, in ushki- izotik. And through two weeks's admission to.

Ensure SHOULD liver and the pancreas!

So this not allergy can be? And that same then? As liver with pancreatic on ears are can reflected?



Yuliya K., as times allergy will give you spike in indicators liver and podzheludochnykh. So and offer blood pint.



stasyun, it is understandable :(



Юлия К. wrote:

How liver with pancreatic on ears are can reflected?

Problems with liver reflected very on many ways!

Lyseyuschie eyes - one of implication.

Doctors, of course, best, but I would she passed her blood in primarily. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif



Dobryi day.
Want report about treatment and ask recommendations.
• you. The entire this horror on tinnitus may block enough quickly.
I spilling it wits cleaning agents peeling "Cliny." Not burying in wits, as written in annotation, and smachivala sponzhik and was just polishing. Then burying Izotik. This Izotik expensive, but a cool pleasant thing. Very quickly dismantled all problems. Wits dog more not brushes her. Increasingly purely.
• Blyamba on his stomach. Modicum put this on, modicum not put this on. Time from time dog is beginning to razlizyvat. With with so entire fucking life and chavkanem, if tastier nothing there is no on light of. This blyamba now looks not so frightening, as in the early, but vsyozh there is.
• Coven. Dripping of "human" the medicine Lekrolin. Here is of excellent outcome not has achieved. Better, of course, digital swelling there is no, but eyes rots. Not strongly, but and not purely with little eyes.
And even go-cart fleas and ticks.
My personal conclusion. This the problem feed. All tracks converge. Modicum and place purchases and name those same. But I see, that consistence, in this bag another. Not such a, as was in the first bag. Balls more maslyanistye on are.
Think, can change Altea Hills (lamb anymore, rice) on something another.
Increasingly like well. Dog likes. One problem - 28.0g rots.
Not can solve as choose fodder on replacement.
Imbabers to experiment, and suddenly worse will make.
Tests, that would liver test, not yet Politburo.
That to do something?
To a doctor to flee?



Yuliya K.

In my opinion A, can, is worth try a straight girl? Now increasingly arise talk about govern kormakh.
I, so seriously in love. On the sly'm to transfer on raw foods. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/scratch_one-s_head.gif

PS A pint tests never would prevent, if there is doubts.



I.M.H.O., A, can, is worth try a straight girl?

That and husband says, that ????? dog "potato chips" feed. Dog need meat.
And himself followed and bought Pro-Plan.
Not like me 28.0g. Need to on week to a doctor chosen.