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St. Petersburg. “shovel, rooms, khendlery, sport.

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Have been arguing figure out far us with estoy to curl up.
Choice so large, that applies impression, that in each full dress lives Handler or the dog whisperer.
To read reviews on their personal sites sense not see. All ye who enter kulik itsquagmire praises. And on free sites often increasingly boils down to swearing or they between competitors :(
Dog something I have one. Method tyka choose, themselves realize, there is no opportunities.
Am asking to share recommendations and your personal experience.
Of course, like would engage take a closer to home. I have this north cities.
We with estoy now attending conferences rates socialization. On chessboard of in garden square on Ivan Fomin participated. Went there because, that this in two moves from home. But feel, that us this already need not. With socialization there is no have us problems. Estah I have a bold, not aggressive, docile. Son so my at all experiments with it puts. Recently told, that they with it, it turns out, on by tram lakes, lest she nothing not she feared.
On training and breeding personally I have fantasy in various teams runs out aswell. Sit, lie, let-eaio-another, share her teeth, stand, go fetch, wait for, cannot be, me. Increasingly decently is obtained.
Ah, if only "near" poorly goes. Strongly pulling, energy'm so amped right now. But here I on it not offense taken. She OK even a small. Only tomorrow five months marks the. I not say, that she recognized genius. For example "cannot be" poorly works on the street during "collection crop" in the form of of ingesting debris with importance. This the biggest "Aw, that's sad."
Like would resemble playground. Grave. Here is that would directly with the decommissioning basis on outcomes training facilities.
It is time already and to exhibitions groom. Like would Handler as his assailant his find. It would be nice if would he something understood in our breed.
Ah and something interesting like would. Can sport what. Our the dog whisperer with Ivan Fomin participated talks the group on veytpullingu. Ah, this something me not attracts. Although he assures the, that have him in group Hypnotizes even a, for it its weight desfasurare. I seen contest, which he has judged. Interestingly, of course, but not for me this sport.
Understandable, that my dog even child and it sooner seriously sports engage. But time so quickly flies, that like would to point, when can be will, already figure out with choice.
I understand, that all these questions roiling any owner. All want find the best a trainer, playground, hall for its dogs.
Let us simply in this the Frost share or the regularly, coordinates of, recommendations and contrary anti-recommendations just than we doing that with their dogs in city of St. Petersburg.
And for entire life I nor never nor one bushika on the streets cities not fierce :(
If you live in our city of or Leningrad area, then although-would simply podmignite in this the Frost.
Entlebukhery St. Petersburg, amp; Awtomaticzeskie Udowletworiteli!



I gonna have to figure out this question for Schastlivy, have which Martin) she has one Daniel (hope not have been proved wrong, forgive World ``to, if not so). Write it in lichku, she accurately not going to refuse to and will share good kinologami.



Alla, I came, is ready to share.
So, Yuliya K., if there is the control in behavior dogs, then unambiguously to Tarasov and to Dima (mean name his for me has found Alla for that it still times THANK YOU).
If you need nurture and various interesting things, then I can give his kinologa (in lichku). But there not will tests, basis. Although. Under desire she organizes you the surrender early. Ah and together she can teach and tricks with enjoying a and work its nose http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif
But! This not gathering spaces that offer universal, this the private instructor.

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And you, thank you!
JUlja! Very recommend to address myselfjust a stunt, this interestingly and operates you and for dogs, plus - always can guests show things, still plus - very rises the right "singular" or it depend dogs on owner, that conveniently operates life) ah and many things useful for muscle inflammation and development. And so same things "tire" dog stronger, than simple short and "begalki", so as loads the brain. I stunt actively'm using, when live in city of and there is no opportunities fullness take dogs, ah or when frost, or rain strong, 10-15 minutes gimmicks homes, and dogs wowed)



Thank you you large for responses :)

the control in behavior dogs

Sort of, there is nothing. Me seems, that have us increasingly in normalcy. The right she girl.

plus - always can guests show things

About, yes :) Ah, you poor my Visitors :) As I them increasingly not'll show what we have learned, neither on what themes to speak not authorize :)

teach and tricks with enjoying a and work its nose

That pro nose - interestingly very. We in House always increasingly lose. Teach would dog seek a remote control from viewing - the upper hand dreams :)



Entirely agree with Alla.
Classes brain upakhivayut sobashku on order faster)
Us here is fifth year already and we periodically with instructor meet - form of support and the brain and load. She shower, when many-chip companies knows) and as only we something set out into, then it there is always in store for us something rebuilt.
Martyukha been happy)
As sees its so such as got 3 from as like, "Ur! This the kind the most yourself a nice, funky Ahjumma, which me different things though teach will ")
I know, that not all our instructor has drawn, but have us with it and with Martti mutual love and understanding of. And precisely she have taught me approached dog on themselves and nurture in it those qualities that precisely I wanted in it to see. Have taught correctly manage dog, conjuring up razvlnkalki for him.
Who Martyukhu saw alive - not will give to lie to http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif, that Wu me well a well-bred, adequate dog, which with me eye not being invoked)

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Daniel wrote:

And precisely she have taught me approached dog on themselves and nurture in it those qualities that precisely I wanted in it to see. Have taught correctly manage dog, conjuring up razvlnkalki for him.

, too, with a huge gratitude and respect am to this kinologu http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif
Very helped us with Plyushey. So that I was signing up for under all recommendations.
Now with eon... walk on playground alongside home (on Okhta River, Neva basin) rather for to search pleasure. Times dog likes, then why not walk? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif

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Yuliya K.



I know, that not all our instructor has drawn

:) My opinion, that she feminine instructor :) “I don’t liked. And my then the boys are there is no :) They said, that THAT is what they with dog communicate not will :) A I will :)
But'm on practice something from its lecture they on weaponry took :)
We one times until met. Tomorrow the next meeting. Consider, that further will.

Now with eon... walk on playground alongside home

But as often go?



Yuliya K.
I you advise awaken on playground in vozraste7-10 months (age write) times 10 -15, pass course or early or UGS, and further already on desire) will the good weather and desire to Malesherbes, carying can study, not will desires, can study in another place) Sometimes well ill bishop says to on least maturation start "pump rights", such more often meets have Samoyede, and have prostate problems until / during / after in heat, and arises the need with already like would obuchennoy dog take even a few occupational on poslushke. Ah and myselfjust a stunt can be engage constantly - on to over arise desires again same) You can times in month Malesherbes with instructor, and then execute orders already on their own.



Alla, Thanks for Sharing (recommendations.

start "pump rights"

It's starting to already are. But, we, as durachochki, laugh about it over these :) Wu it all of this as something funnily is obtained.



Мы с Борой с 4х месяцев ходим в школу дрессировки Н.Н.Гаевского в Ольгино.
Ссылка http://vk.com/club7725569

Сначала щенячья группа, потом взрослая. Там сдали УГС.
Закончили курс поисково-розыскной работы. Бора удивляла Гаевского своим интересом к поиску, он не ожидал такого от энтлебухера. Она одна из немногих сдала зачет и заняла первое место. Позади остались терьеры, лабрадоры, и даже немецкая овчарка.

О Гаевском в инете можно найти очень противоречивые отзывы. Кто-то считает, что у он слишком жестко обращается с собаками. Но поверьте мне, жёсткий он только там, где надо и с теми, с кем надо.
Например, драки между собаками жестко пресекаются.
Учит хозяев пресекать любое выкабенивание собаки. Требует от хозяев быть ловчее и хитрее собаки.

При этом на поисково-розыскных занятиях нет никакой жесткости, т.к. научить собаку искать и обозначать найденное можно только на интерес и за сюси-пуси.

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Год назад ходили на аджилити. Площадка на пионерской на испытателей.
Могу дать контакты тренера в личку.
Бора просто обожает аджилити. Если бы площадка была ближе к дому, то возобновили бы занятия.



Еще вспомнила!  Ходили на поисково-спасательные занятия.

Чаще всего проводятся в юнтоловском заказнике.
Туда лучше идти всей семьей или с друзьями, т.к. всегда нужны  новые люди в качестве статистов (это те, кто "потерялся" в лесу и кого надо искать).



ну и до кучи)
Курсы хендлеров в Кеннел Клубе на Нейшлотском.

Занятия вечером каждый вторник и четверг, без всякой записи, приезжаете, платите за одно занятие и занимаетесь.
Ведет очень опытная хендлер. Научит и вас, и собаку))



Добрый день!
Спасибо большое за этот форум и за такое количество полезной информации о породе и обо всем, что с собаками связано!!!
p.s. Отдельная благодарность автору темы за полезные контакты в Санкт-Петербурге!  :rolleyes:

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