Recommend all owners read this article. Especially those, which consider, that bitch need to takes a year one times for health.


The first-knit dogs — popular myths

Please, closely company before, viscous dogs!

Myth the first: “for health ”
Myth the second: “after always bitch will become wider and stronger ”
Myth the third: “so’s budget provides for nature (God) ”
Myth the fourth: “in good breed ”
Myth fifth: “want accurately such a same a puppy ”
Myth sixth: “money ”

Myth the first: “for health ”

The most the generalized myth. Nor one “-knit not has brought health, as physical, so and mental. This admittedly in circle professionals.

In a whole, this established stereotype among people, never before not – animals. 90% owners sook mistakenly consider, that, can its girl although would one times, they will ease its from all possible diseases on “of female ” parts of on entire refrigerate life.
If would all was so simply.

But on turns out to be, that-knit for health — this Brad. No health-knit not adds, contrary, pregnancy — this test of female organism on health, and if there is problems have has presented to, better not to experiment, to then not have new problems.

In period pregnancy immunity and the entire organism dogs are in exactly able. The formation numerous fruits requires from organism mothers significant mobilization forces, camping on K. During pregnancy building other has fruits is happening expense of resources its organism. So in period the intrauterine development puppies can get sharpened chronic diseases (urotsistit, gastroenetrokolit and many other) and arise new health problems. Significant changes is undergoing during pregnancy heart-???????? system, burden on heart of significantly increases. From-for strong pressure fruits on domestic organs aperture is shifting forward, increases burden on organs breathing. So same a strong pressure happening on; bubble and stomach. With heightened burdens work liver and kidneys, they constantly are being withdrawn from organism all harmful products exchange not only mothers, but and fruits.

Knitting at all can be only healthy bitch. Before, viscous its need to fully to screen — and suddenly something not so? Then this the most pregnancy will become pathological, not physiological process, which brings heap small and large “number of illnesses. ” And times bitch people are healthy, then than will differ (in better side) health delivered of her has presented to from health and without moreover healthy nerozhavshey?

But even if during pregnancy not will be no problems, then there is no guarantees, that giving birth will hold its normal, without an operational intervention. Cesarean feeding — not too whether much the price for overly literal views owner about dog-health?

And not forget, that bitch can get from stala disease, deep-pocketed sexually transmitted. Here is only thanks to form female genital organs has presented to becoming newly infected with on order more often, than males. I.e. under vyazke with sick male could — almost certainly.

Add to this still and the hormonal perestroika organism, which is happening under the first schennosti. If dog after this not really jibe, then “67-” hormones can lead to problems from health. Tumor dairy glands — real scourge sook, povyazannykh “for health ” once in his life. The only true solution in such a case will timely sterilization continue.

And if until always you not knew, that such “the misleading schennost ”, then after it will learn about this almost certainly. When you with a sense of that his powers debt chase considered their “arrangements ” on to maintaining health has presented to study (have put on bitch, were placed puppies — increasingly, can be to live and rejoice at), here — the she and'll catch a ride from you the first surprise. Through and a half — two months after Straits a new in heat you reply highly suspected changes in behavior has presented to: She starts build itself “nest ”, starts to defend his became all (and you have children, and dog a major, will become more nervous, will well laying on breath tweaters, nabukhnut breast is (until the emergence of milk). There is no, she not pregnant — this the misleading schennost, when organism, once this squalid on full coil, requires production on light all new and new parties puppies. And with each time, the misleading schennost will expressed all stronger and stronger. Yes, the misleading schennost can be and have never vyazavsheysya has presented to, but significantly more expressed have schenivshikhsya, especially — have schenivshikhsya one times. The only way to dramatically solve the problem “false schennosti ” — to sterilize dog.

If same vividly tag the misleading schennost was have your nor never not rozhavshey dogs, then even not you dare its knitting, to avoid false schennostey. The situation only deteriorate more rapidly, plus almost all daughter of, zodiac from strongly lozhnyaschey wort had will so same tend to to strong lozhnyakam. Why to birth a such dogs?

The misleading schennost (pregnancy)
Extreme case — demise favorite and the only dogs under birth — we not regard at all, because under exerting timely skilled (up on the expensive) aid this very is unlikely. And, nevertheless, and if suddenly, not let-God. Cost whether-knit such prices?

So, risk the acquisition of wrapped “for health ” Female of masses number of illnesses big. If dog represents interest for a view, if she star your kennels and anything — then vyazku can be justify necessity obtain puppies precisely from it.

Knitting same healthy, but not representing tribal values bitch “for health ” not makes sense. Knitting disordered — and at all also.

No health. Hold: Bitch really jibe ONLY sake of puppies.

Opinion owners and breeders:

“Pregnancy agrees with, giving birth and vykarmlivanie accumulated dog nor on 0.0001% health not add. And here is about possible risks and tetanus can be to speak hours. ”

“was placed 3th Best female, too, knitting not worth — it from this nor warmly, nor chilly. But can times — it can please)) And then give yours a flutter can false schennosti: ((”

“Here as the harvested statistics on dependence various s beaches were among Genital“ diseases have prostate problems with presence of seed having generalised seen abroad and childbirth on life. Dependence not exposed the at all. From zapomnivshegosya — have birth more often experienced cancer dairy glands to preklonnomu age (apparently, a consequence strongest s beaches were among lozhnyakov “after the only always). ”

“-suk "To health" not headgear of! Still not one-knit in War with lineages additional health nor one “not added! As times contrary. Giving birth, this a huge burden on organism. On my practice not one case when after childbirth grapple pulled mother again, there is so same cases with unit that outcome. ”

Myth the second: “after always bitch will become wider and stronger ”

Very questionable statement. But accurately sorely tested, that have all prostate problems after bearing the, childbirth and feeding the puppies hang breast is, bit hazy open and falls back. Through several months after the end of the feeding the the situation is improving. But alas, such as before they already never will.

Myths about vyazke
Masters exhibition dogs spend together time and funds, to improve your dog and regain its in form of although would nearly to that, which was until birth puppies.

Myths about vyazke
Myth the third: “so’s budget provides for nature (God) ”

Many supporters just natural and the fullness of nature, graffical on biology the last time in the hands of held even in school. So here is, for those who not knows: In nature have wolf (which belong to the family canines as and our dogs) in the pack proliferate only alpha-male person and alpha-called lower. Is worth remind, that in pack of always only one alpha-male person and one alpha-called lower.

All the rest, males and females can or to leave the pack, on period reproduction or happily live entire life, not possessing their own descendants. In general, have wolf nature LLLT opportunity caudillos for life • virginity • without taking any damage for health.

Myth the fourth: “in good breed ”

In our time acutely is worth the problem of overproduction sub-prime puppies and difficulties with fulfillment litters with up. Question expediency always account for to decide everyone the storeowner on their own. Still times will, that no of biological need in this there is no. And one of basic issues, which account for to decide, the next: And enough whether Good bitch for moreover, to puppies, Ideology born, went on favor of breed?

Bitch must be Good not only on innovation, but and on character, on workers insurance — (if they attachments in breed). ???? its best quality should not be random, and must go to it through generation — from its days-grandfathers, grandparents were, hacked the-hacked the-hacked the. Only knowing lineage while aspiring dogs, can be finally improve rocks and look in prospect.

Well known, that foundation of any a view is not male-champion, and Metropol bitch. Yes, dopuskovyy least for dogs majority breeds — obtaining estimates in an exhibition not below “very well. ” But cannot be be confused which with the recommendation. Which — this only authorization. Recommended for a view are exclusively good dogs, not medium-size!

Indeed Prime puppies with enshrined positive we are born only from good in all relations parents.

Opinion owners dogs and breeders:

“She was swinging the, that you this not realize and understand not want. In intended for breeding must to participate only decent, or as says my grandfather, which entire his life Hypnotizes kinologiey and is an expert the first categories: S beaches were among There's nothing bastards to birth a! “. ”

“he I its as would to know — prepotentna she. Or as there say — and HDRI? It turned out, that there is no. Simply more knitting not d, Netimer just. Keep me their have, only in general a pod, camping on K. Warm this enclosure there is no. Here is and graze all together — 9 sobov) ”

“head motive, participation has presented to in intended for breeding me understand not given. That you intended improve under aid its dogs? She that, pardon, so desperately beautiful? Host rare unique bloodlines, without which breed of ectomy? Or, can be, possesses the sunbeds workers qualities? ”

“I not'm knitting dogs at all, if itself from this couples leave increasingly the best not plan. ”

“you inspecting organization stack balance enterprises janitor with? Think, you say “No ”. And why? Perhaps because, that he not knows, as this to do. Ah so why same you not want listen to view people, which topic Star "trained part of, with a significant, his life? ”

“independence, here is not understand I such a approach to equine breeding. Health-knit not add. For order to normal all was have dogs not enough one always for life its, needs knitting more one times. Puppies this heavy pleasant thing. Pristroystvo — even more heavy. If you not know problems your breed, learn although would pro them. Read literature porodnuyu. Do minimal risk an inherited flaws, diseases. Weigh them for all for and against. Now you course not so, as want you, and not very well realize, need whether this your favorite dog. Bloodline — this document, which very about many ways says. ”

“I, too, man, have which was bitch Doberman, that bought on" little bird. And I its strongly loved, and itself was far not profes³onalom. Knowing about doberakh, only as they look superficially (as it turned out, I even this not knew, so as my bitch grew with strong flawed). But she was dobermanom with the heart Doberman, and I simply the hugely its loved, and so same strongly I loved rocks, which she increasingly-??? has belonged. We have lived 10 and a half years, and me even not came in head thought knitting its. Our shortcomings remained only our, we not policymakers their in rocks. And I believe, that this, too, contribution. Have courage to abandon having generalised seen abroad its s beaches were among average “dogs, this means benefit favorite breed. ”

“We not are a dying breed kind of. Many otlichneyshikh producers. Personally I very one, when superb producers produce a glorious progeny! And these work await free hands, not engaged my darmovymi people handling, which we could for 10 years rack up a couple until heap. And modicum dog my was a unique, and the second such not will never, correctly said Mikhail, this not enough for continuing kind of. And how many me't eist about s beaches were among vyazke for health “from all sides, and offered eligible. ”

“Think! No one you will not be able to ban knitting his hound. But are prepared whether you bear responsibility, if will born puppies with serious genetic frailties, which, incidentally, can be the eruption in the first months and even years life? ”

Myth fifth: “want accurately such a same a puppy ”

Myths about vyazke
Or, as option: “friends want. ” And who will give a guarantee, that children will accurate copies mothers?

Now owner has presented to can himself choose partner for always its dogs. Have known breeders, many years and petroleum industry study the genetics, analysis pedigrees and tracing regions of the, can be born “broken hard disk ” Puppy or fully an unsuccessful one Christmas. And from couples nothing not prominent parents can hardly be expect the birth of descendants high-quality.

You know, that each dog bears in itself in average 3-4 defective car gene? Yes-yes, and your charming dog, too,. And, to not “reward ” care the puppies potential hosts, need carefully track spread it on subject genetic diseases, to minimize risk birth sick puppies. If for you bloodline your dogs — just set of A.K.A.S, where you can know, than symptoms great-grandmother your dogs? And which tests on all areas TBS were have obdobi the projected bridegroom? And who will is to blame in case birth sick puppies? You something wanted as better.

Okay, not let us about disease. Increasingly you have remarkable, found bridegroom, played “the wedding is held ”, skloubeni kiddies. Many friends and familiar dreaming about accurately such dog, as you have. And here is is now over time sell Christmas. Only have willing to shag it, mass very respectful causes precisely now not win dog. Vacation, work, a small child, harmful mother-in-law, allergic.

And Christmas growing, together with the costs and unrest your neighbors. No aid from owner in bull wait not worth. And saltines in the perishing on six months, they already apartment are eating.

Yes as same so, you're shocked you, ??? ?? ? ? have others (named Masha, Sasha) on 1,000 to two months razmeli, and my bunch of good-lookers and on 300 no one not harks back? And increasingly very simply — Petin (Car Czar and camping on D.) cattery known in world Assisting, a long money gone in exhibition and advertising. Yes and combination of bloodlines such a, that professionals in turn on puppies become.

Can be, your puppies nothing not worse, but CRT about them knows? And advertisements thing very costly. On announcements in newspaper “Of hands in hands ” ringing who anywhere, but promising buyers — extremely rarely. And on “" little bird ” chilly and infection, capable for couple of days an exit into obscurity. The entire Christmas.

You know, that more than half dogs in this world born from the first and the only dogs have owner? T. E. Almost 50% “sukovladeltsev ” more never will want to mess with vyazkami, people handling and lineages? Clearly not from good life.

Comes moment, when miniature horse breeder, a desperate modicum for anything sell puppies, is beginning to their Giving or the jury on tyazhyoleyshiy worst step — kill shelterto be put down. Don’t believe? Ask have a canine, how realistically place (even for free) nesotsializirovannogo, neinteresnogo in intended for breeding 8-9 monthly kavkazyonka or Staffa. You can, knowing this, quietly sleep?

And puppies, specialized for free? Not all are at value the, that inherited a gift. Very many pedigreed dogs new simply because, that are weary. And more just chance precisely have such giveaway dogs. You can to imagine, as son your adored girls wanders on the street in the freezing cold, went and sand or mud, aieiaiue and sick, risking enter under machine or on barbecue to bums? Not you can? Then caveat are prepared incur responsibility for children your dogs.

And God you God even think give puppies “good ” people who will promise you for a small paid help place Christmas. Children your adored girls routing or on fodder exotic animals, or on pritravku boytsovym to the dogs, either will die of asphyxiation in zavyazannom a plastic package. Consider about fate future puppies.

So, out period pregnancy — suppose, you are prepared provide necessary nutrition and durable walk (cannot be lie on couch, need to many zhestkoy walk, otherwise giving birth will hold its with large difficulties). Start with childbirth.

Giving birth — this sleepless 3 night until fact, night on fact and 2 weeks after. Alas, some has presented to not have the inherent maternal instinct and either ignore, either eat / bear down / ignore their offspring. Have has presented to can arise tribal complication, it can even killed in childbirth. That, if your bitch not can, or not wants feed puppies? Are prepared whether you feed their every 2 hours in for 3 weeks? Case so, that puppies are born perish or with frailties, under which account for to apply an assisted death.

Of course, all can pass happily and safely, but if you not you can cope with possible tragedy — even not try start! In the worst case, when puppies develop or bitch not can or not wants about them look after, on you will be borne double labor. If you have not will on this time, then you arrive at dead puppies or, that even worse, filthy or sick, with bad mentality, nesotsializirovannykh and unhappy, for whom will be difficult find buyers.

Experienced breeders argue that on cultivating middle accumulated they spend not less, and much more often far more 130 hours worker time. Bitch cannot be to leave one during scheneniya, and in the first two weeks after this can be withdraw only on 1.5-2 hours. Rear head restraints to those sleepless night and-obligation holiday package for its expense. As then, when you brought his newborn baby child home, and the first three month his life conducted, meryaya steps gender with sludge infant on the hands of. Young girls and preached to, not Finns such experience, is worth inquire parents, that this such.

Realize whether you responsibility, that go back on themselves, forcing Christmas? This not simply puppies your dogs, about which it must look after — this your puppies. Much of concerns will fall on you, and you will indexed to is waste, as newly appeared Putin mother, with the only backyards, that you not can have a cutie here his their grandparents-endured on weekend. So that better immediately nastraivaytes on a permanent presence in House, so as you must chase feed puppies 6 times in day, in including and at night.

And puppies are rising, are rising quickly. Note, that'm a little Christmas — too exuberant for most children, not hope on “aid the room. ” There is no, this precisely you yet to walk in smelly starchy foods, filthy summer, raggedy T-shirt. Because a corral, you need to brush your several times in day, puppies — glazing, to they were clean (on several times in day and each time after food), and during this just they ever gnaws at your its feet, hands, jersey, hair, heels, slippers and everything else.

You have under nails — closet, in the eyes of — red boys from a lack of sleep, hands are shaking from unrest and fatigue, on anybody — it's a crow nest, camping on K. On haircut and pratik there is no nor time, nor forces. You lie sleep in 2 night, wake up one in 4 morning on half an hour of exercise, to feed the babies, and get up — in 6 morning. Not because, that sit in networks, but because so need to for puppies!

Your day captured regime feed and cleaning. You not you can withdraw from homes more, than on half an hour of exercise, camping on K. These gremlins in any moment can possibly be up to all, that anywhere. And then a back-marks and a half month, and you tryasetes — how many they will you have sit, when's will sell, to whom subsuming, as them there will.

Promises type “I want such a dog, as have you ” quickly formed ago. And how popular (or not) your breed — you, of course same, will learn not before, than a back-marks the month. Imagine, how many time and money you will have spend on puppies, which not manages sell until four, eight months or longer! That you will to do, if sell puppies not manages at all? Give? Give on to a declaration “take away or kill shelterto be put down ”? Responsible breeders with-serving autocrat often at all not headgear of dogs, until have them not will inclinations on Christmas middle number of puppies.

And when you all-??? will find them hosts — are prepared whether you respond to questions about groomed, care, beef and camping on P. On several times in day everyone of them? Are prepared you respond to questions not only during sales, but and months later, in including, if someone would call among night, because dog poorly eats? Are prepared whether you to lend advice on a, guide owners on dressirovochnuyu playground, suggest the vet and camping on D.? Remember, that your responsibility not ends in the very moment, when Puppy leaves your house.

Still want “such same puppies ”?

Myths about vyazke
Myth sixth: “money ”

Of course, not whether material benefits, pedigreed dogs on earth was would in thousands of times less. But and here stick about two sword: If you people collateralized, then breeding dogs will not bring you significant income, and takes mass of unnecessary Admirals.

If same arose the need help family budget, then note, that above than obtain any income, a long funds will have invest on cultivating accumulated (veterinarian, vaccinations, glistogonnye means, qualitative fodder, advertisements and camping on To, yes and profits can prove not so a significant. Cesarean feeding or intense therapy a puppy can turn the usual Christmas in “golden. ”

And this only in case, if you manages sell puppies. You after all already mindful — breed of can be unpopular, simultaneously can be born several litters with up your breed, puppies tend to sit “in gostyakh have some mamas in. ”

To what this increasingly? Now overproduction puppies, many bathhouse dogs find themselves in orphanages or perederzhkakh, enter the ranks homeless, their fate clearly is observable from the office in ads type “'ll trade you everything adult dog ”,“ take away or kill shelterto be put down. ” Not worth aggravate and without moreover sorrowful situation.

Can be someone, having this article, to ask ourselves.: “A so whether need receive children from my boy (girls)? ” Perhaps be, someone, consult, finally, with vet and sure, that having generalised seen abroad“ for health ” not there is. And someone will eventually get around exhibition career his pet. That OK, means, this article was written not for good reason.

Let us questions a view dogs us leave those who ready respond for every a puppy, absorbed from his dogs, who has the necessary skills and knowledge. For this very much graver labor and a huge responsibility.

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