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Dog sits not directly

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Puppy 5 months, called attention, that under usazhivanii dog has become sit not directly, and slightly just shown up like on side. Churchgoers, leaps once well. With than can be stems?



Me seems this feature of breed, at least our did and makes accurately so same. Not likes them exactly sit. Usually is unraveling as Rubenesque woman before an artist, ah or simply rear hoisted sideways on your head.



Thank you for by clarifying, feared, that need show the vet



kamvilena, here such deal. Five months, this OK quite baby. Not very correctly to compare with children human, but they OK, too, in infancy on "hotel reception kept" not sit)) Yes and you themselves, I think, when sit down -sidite not "exactly its feet, exactly hands, exactly Nimera") Of course, they are at sit by the rules-and you even you can this start hooking (helping slightly hands, or same num-num), but usually this all comes with age.
Yes and the, when Bukhi sit in es able in any age-usually this looks so:


P. S. And to the vet should, of course, turn, but in case, if dog limping, or in sight, that it had something aching



Us instructor in its time said - on team "sit" dog must sit, as been paved. And in free able can sit so, as wants: Modicum on little bum cheeks, modicum on side.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Increasingly about health » Dog sits not directly