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But as your dogs fight high temperature? Or what cool conditions you create a for brothers our smaller?? http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/connie/connie_08.gif
I have here is males on dacha, them well. And here is Vikule in city of poorly. Already not know as it on'll be cooler up environment create. Incidentally, think helpful will, can who what drugs knows the first need under an overheating?
I with a in trip (on exhibition) of solidity "Gipoksen", cooling packages (from the automobile the first-aid kit), persons with a drugs, but thank God nothing not HDDs had unxepectedly gone.



Флэшка wrote:

A as your dogs fight high temperature?

We their every day water water from a garden hose to a) Only bernyuchka Florence gave so and not appreciated entire charm of this procedures, is withdrawing in October we) A entlebukhi themselves are luxuries in a large the pelvis! Water can be to change modicum every 5 minutes :D



And I Vick from a bath'm watering :D



Флэшка wrote:

A I Vick from a bath'm watering

And you it whole bath water game and having)) can be in glasses and cap for Caribbean) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Still flippers and up :crazyfun:



Ha-ha-ha) I it better Splashy Duck rubber buy)



Here is such a here is a summary on survival during heat! --


Share cable, forumchane!

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And made owners krasnonosye such on here! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_212.gif
And in principle yes, all so. Strolls sooner on the morning and late on the evening. No running to a minimum. Water always with a. Ah and we cooling threads he has use.



Daniel wrote:

cooling threads he has use

I, too, has bought same cooling scarf selector, one grasps the Dominique on a neck. Like cool on are.

Daniel wrote:

A made owners krasnonosye such on here?

Can have them their ways struggle with heat? http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_212.gif



And made owners krasnonosye such on here!
Think they in routine about brothers our smaller - forgot about itself and burned.)



This window an squelch, there is cooling products for dogs, spasayuschie from heat. Their've christened and remained happy with already many, will talk much detail and you, expensive forumchane.
Cooling products osso Fashion: Cooling horse blankets for dogs, cooling mats for dogs, cooling bandana and a cooling towel-a scarf osso Fashion
http://www.osso-fashion.ru/catalog/okhl … -izdeliya/
Cooling products osso-Fashion are made from innovative tissue FTA’s ('s office COMFORT TECHNOLOGY), which allows maintain the coldness prolonged time.
Cooling tissue in during a long time warranted expense of unique structures interweaving-fiber supplemented, in which appears balance humidity and evaporation. Serebrosoderzhaschee fiber, an incoming in composition tissue, creates anti-static and antimikrobnyy effect. Lasting use and repeated washing not affect cooling properties tissue. Unlike cooling tissue previous generation, this fabric not has chemical impregnation and not contains cooling gels.
Under activation products (under shaking that products or movement dogs) is happening maximum cooling expense of evaporation water. However – from-for unique combination-fiber supplemented and their interaction between themselves – evaporation and loss of moisture is happening slowly, because simultaneously goes a powerful absorption of the vapors and water disposal.

To activate a cooling action products his need water overcome the shake. Suited water from any source: From-under tap,, technology is, Kopru, naval, moisture from perspiration they reaktiviruyut same cooling function again and again.

Dimension a series of cooling horse blankets were osso for dogs 25-80 centimeters (on lengths backs)
http://www.osso-fashion.ru/catalog/okhl … so-fashion


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Покупал я такое изделие, которое должно спасти собаку от жары
Летом у нас температуры доходят до +40 бывает, честно сказать, не особо работает такое охлаждающее изделие - собаке было очень жарко, не комфортно ещё к тому же

Когда наступает уголовная ответственность? В Москве тут это можно узнать сейчас