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Ectopy mochetochnikov

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Catching me on an off question: Why in some countries for resolution always entlebukherov need analysis on this the most ektopiyu? That this for they such?
Staff me in aid: "Ectopy mochetochnikov — rarely occurring inborn disease urogenital system, accompanied by permanent incontinent urine and of chronic infection mochevyvodyaschey system. Reported murders in 20 times more often have female mates, than have the males, although not discarded, that have the males this pathology remains undiagnosed altogether. The crux of the race is that one or both hurt flow not in; bubble, and below: In your urethra or vagina. Without treatment animals in late all die from upward infection kidneys "
Interestingly, but as the illness applies to breed? Have us like not faced (and not listened) with this problem have dogs.
Who that knows pro this?



I have there is here is such a the reference, where can be revere in more details http://webmvc.com/show/show.php?sec=16&art=9



All weekend has carried at work, went with clients on-door workshop. In free time speech itself has gone of course same about household always meet. So here is from several customers heard, that have them (or animals their friends) there is the problem with effectively unregulated urination. Shoulders, in clinics, and maximum, that them his faith do, so this pint urine. No you it.



Tell please detail, as passes study and in any clinics Moscow his better do.
Because information is at odds, in some veterinary clinics say that this ultrasound, in other that roentgenogram; options X-rays,, too, offer many, in camping on CHAMPION The discharging urography and camping on P.
And as should look conclusion doctor (certificate, certificate) or still that the. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



Detail to tell difficult. T. K. Information a bit. But, homilies call to a clinic the White dogtooth (if I nothing not location is), there make check-ups and they already accurately tell, what research spend. Not ruchajus for truth, but there is two conclusions. 1. The that have dogs not revealed of normalcy in development. 2. That on this moment all'oc, this comes the maturity on 1god.
And you want for themselves, for abroad or there is problems?



Viki & K,
Very hoped that on official site few a detailed information.
Check-ups want for themselves, for abroad, problems, ttt, there is no))



Danary wrote:

very hoped that on official site few a detailed information.

This forum under official site NHL, on which communicate owners and lovers entlebukherov.
Detailed information on diseases all same more full from doctors.
This problem for Russia not the prevalence (thank god!) and tests still very little where make. So that with each new problem all face equally and seek path detection or exit from it common effort.



Information with official site NHL entlebukher Sennenhund


Temporary POLOZhENIE NHL-RKF Champion
About plemennom selecting the
Dogs breed entlebukher Sennenhund

Celebrating work with breed entlebukher Sennenhund in the system the Russian Kinologicheskoy Federation (RKF Champion) is conducted in accordance with demands for standard (FCI # 47) and "Polozhennyam about tribal work RKF Champion."
Present Regulations is drawn up adjusted for global and dollar, in experience in conducting selection and specificity of a view entlebukhera Puppies,.

3. Conditions listing to intervention equine breeding.

3.1. For listing to intervention review, anyway should be afforded originals and copies (recalcitrant) next documents:
- it FCI certificate about origins with not less than three complete as ancestors;
- entrepreneurship with assessing exterior not below "very well", the spoils have expert, Kiev RKF Champion;
- conclusion genetic verification PRA usually can atrophy of retina eyes, in have order.;
- conclusions about able hip joints (advised). Dopuskovymi are extent "A", "In", "Since", and in case foreign conclusions - appropriate them.

- results examination on ektopiyu mochetochnikov (advised)
Reached 5.4 Age dogs on moment passage the primary little UCIMU should be not less 15 months.
3.3. Have each dogs should be the stigma and / or microchip, allow its identify. The stigma should be a clear and well readable. Owner dogs, with microchip, owes provide the organizing little UCIMU scanner for reading the microchip.

Viki & K,
You should agree, that having position developed NHL, I well is logical suggested, that will be able obtain explanations of on this issue at Forum the same NHL? http://smayly.net.ru/gallery/kolobok/pictures/Magent5_1/cool.gif


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